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Nutritional and Vitamin Supplemental Needs of Children

Copyright © 2006 Kamau Austin, All Rights Reserved DBA AdPro Media Sales
by Jeannine Virtue

In today's hectic world parents don't have time to create a healthy menu for their children. Their children only have tastes for high fat, low nutritional, junk food items. Feeding them healthy vitamin rich food needed for proper growth and development has become an issue. Vitamins are very important for children. They help them to grow, develop, learn, talk, see, walk, and run. The body needs vitamins to create energy, to form hemoglobin, and develop a strong immune system that helps in fighting disease.

There Are Two Types Of Vitamins:

These vitamins dissolve in our body. They flow in our body with the blood and any unused vitamins come out with in the body's waste. Vitamins C, B2, B12, B6, are all water soluble.


These vitamins get stored in fat tissues of the body and stay there unless needed and called upon by the body. Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12, D, E and K are all fat soluble.

Parents should focus maximum attention on fruits and raw vegetables as they help in meeting nutritional requirements of children and help them to grow and develop properly. Juicy fruits are an excellent source of vitamin A and C. Bread, rice, cereals, pastas, when taken at breakfast time help children maintain energy that can be used all day. Milk and milk products like cheese, yogurt, and cream help in maintaining strong bones, improve vision and help memory.

Children should avoid cookies, chocolates, artificial juices, and soft drinks; and drink plenty of water.


This vitamin helps children to see more clearly, distinguish between colors, get healthy skin, nails, and bones. It even helps in forming soft and healthy skin. The deficiency can lead to night blindness, eye disorder and in the worst cases cause double vision. Weaker enamel, weak bones, asthma, headache, hair loss are other common problems associated with deficiency of vitamin A.

Children should take more milk and milk products like cheese, curd, milk shakes along with fish, oil, and eggs to avoid problems that can occur due to lack of vitamin A.


This vitamin creates energy that is required by the body during heavy work outs. Vitamin B can be further classified as:
    It combines with other vitamins and helps in forming energy from food that we eat.
    It helps in forming liquids that are needed for regulating mood. It forms hemoglobin in red blood cells that help body in fighting diseases. Beans, peas, spinach, potatoes, yogurt, juicy fruits are all sources of vitamin B.

It's deficiency can lead to scurvy. Children should eat more and more juicy fruits and vegetables to meet the requirement of vitamin C.

Helps in forming calcium needed for strong bones. Milk, milk products, fish and other seafoods are all rich in vitamin D. But of all the sources the best source is sunlight. Parents should make sure that children get sufficient sunlight. Its deficiency leads to weak muscles, kidney disorder, weak bones, and high/ low blood pressure.

It takes care of our body tissues, helps in increasing immunity. Grains, wheat, nuts, yogurt all provide body with vitamin E.

It helps in proper blood clotting. Green leafy vegetables and dairy items are rich in vitamin K.

Vitamins are very critical for the body. Today, by the time a food item reaches the store and finally to the house of the consumer, most of its nutritional value is lost. So to provide children with all the nutrients and vitamins, supplements may need to be given to children by their parents. Vitamin supplements should be used along with food items as a complement to the diet. They should not be a replacement for fresh green vegetables, fruits and other nutrition rich food. Children should always be given supplements along with the meal. Taking them before or after the meal can cause stomach problems.

Supplements with higher prices do not mean that they are better or more efficient than lesser priced brands. Sometimes pills that cost the least are the ones that are providing maximum nutrients to the body.

Always check the box for a list of ingredients. This will help in ensuring that you are buying the very supplements for your child's needs.

The makers of a children's vitamin and nutrient product called EssentiaLean helps fights the problem of obesity in children by providing better nutrients. The makers of this product tell us that if children receive better nutrients they will crave junk food less. Essentialean was created by a well respected doctor and can be found at or


Kamau Austin is a health and fitness enthusiast and advocate. He writes on a regular basis on timeless health and fitness tips at the Fit After Forty Blog. See more useful health and fitness news and tips at...


Editor's note:

The nutritional status of our children today is nothing short of pitiful.

  • 30% meet requirement for fruit.
  • 36% meet requirements for vegetables.
  • 25% of all vegetables consumed are French fries.
  • 16% of children met none of the RDA values.

You must be very sure that your child is receiving adequate nutrition. This is important for all of your children, but if your child has ADHD it is imperative. The scientific evidence linking ADHD and poor nutrition is very strong. I spend a lot of time discussing this and what you should do about it in How to Help the Child You Love.


Anthony Kane, MD

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