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Now for Part 2 of This Exercise

Think about each type of boss you described. What would it be like to work under such a person? Think how pleasant it would be to have the good boss. How you would always try to please such a person. How you would give that little extra for him.

Now think about working under the bad boss. What would that be like? How much extra would you do for such a person? How hard would you try to help him? To make him happy?

Now look at yourself from your child's perspective. Think about how he views your interactions, your criticism and your instructions. In which column would your child place you?

If you can say honestly, your child would place you in the left column, then congratulations. You are doing well. However, if you are like myself and more than 90% of parents, you probably would feel your child would place you at least some of the time in the right column. That means we have some work to do.

What is the next step? There are a several programs that will help you improve your parenting techniques.

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Also, How to Improve Your Child's Behavior comes with complete online support. That means once you enroll in the program you are never on your own. You will have answers to what ever questions or problems that arise.

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Remember, the same way you feel when you have a bad boss your child feels when he has a "bad boss".

Only you can change that.

Anthony Kane, MD
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