If your child is defiant and angry and is between the ages of 2-11, THEN…"

“You are Just Minutes Away from Uncovering Secrets that Will
Eliminate Arguing and Talking Back, Put an End to the Anger, Permanently End School Problems, and Transform Your Difficult Defiant Child"

“And you can regain respect, bring back family harmony, and get back your peace of mind almost overnight… even if you are ready to run away from home right now"
-Anthony Kane, MD

Get comfortable and study this news carefully.  Print it out if you wish.  You are about to discover something that will change your life!


"I Do Not Need to 'Run Away From it All'"

"My son has Oppositional Defiant Disorder. I was dreading the future, but with your help I do not feel the need to want to 'run away from it all' now! Many thanks!"

* Sheila Robinson, Portland 


From the Desk of:

Anthony Kane, MD 
ADD ADHD Advances
Complete Connection Parenting

Dear Parent,
If you have a difficult defiant child - or just a child with challenging behavior…

You can improve his or her behavior!

     •  You can get your child to listen to you
     •  You can get your child to do household chores without the attitude
     •  You can put an end to school issues
     •  You can get a respectful and cooperative child
     •  You can control and eliminate arguments
     •  You can maintain your authority
     •  You can regain your dignity

You can do all of this… Absolutely … No question…

You can do this whether or not your child is on medication. You can do this even if your child is cursing, lying, stealing, screaming, fighting, or throwing tantrums. You can do this even if your child has ADHD, ODD, Bipolar Disorder, Asperger’s Syndrome, or Autism.

You can take control of your child’s behavior even if your child’s other parent won’t help you…   or even if he does everything he can to sabotage you.

And it is easier than you can possibly imagine…  and much easier than doing what you are doing now.

You can be proud of your child again and be glad to be his or her parent.

And you can begin right now…

If You’re Struggling with a Difficult Defiant Child,
Everything Is a Battle…

     •  Getting him out of bed
     •  Getting him to eat without complaining
     •  Getting him to listen in school
     •  Getting him to do homework
     •  Getting him to stop terrorizing his little sister

He is always arguing.  He never listens

You’re always on edge, solving the next emergency.  

It never ends.

And no matter what you do for your child, all you get back is anger, complaining, disrespect, and back talk.   He doesn’t appreciate anything you do for him and he is always so demanding.  It breaks your heart.

And the older he gets the worse he becomes…

You feel like a failure, because you can’t control your child.

You feel guilty because you can’t give your other children the attention they deserve.

You are embarrassed to be seen with your child in public because everyone thinks you are a bad parent.

Your marriage is strained because even if you find time for your husband you have no energy left.

You fall into bed at night exhausted, worn out from another day with your child.

And the more love you show and the more you do for your child, the more he disrespects you, argues with you and talks back.  It’s just so unfair.

Why am I telling you this?

Because all of this is about to come to an end…

“Finally… a Simple Way to Stop Your Child’s Defiant, Out of Control, Abusive Behavior- RIGHT NOW!”

You can change your child’s problem behavior quickly and dramatically.   All you need is the right tool.
So here it is…


The Complete Connection Parenting ODD Program for Children 2-11

This is the only program of its kind… created specifically to help with children ages 2-11 with difficult oppositional defiant behavior problems, such as those caused by ODD, ADHD, Asperger’s syndrome, Bipolar Disorder and Autism.

Just Imagine...

Just Imagine having mornings with your child run smoothly without yelling, crying, arguing, or complaining.

Just Imagine your child making his own breakfast and dressing appropriately all by himself.

Just Imagine actually getting a call from your child's teacher, this time to congratulate you for his excellent behavior at school (after all those bad behavior reports).

Just Imagine seeing your child TRYING to behave better to please you.

Just Imagine enjoying spending time with your child, really feeling grateful that you found the keys to turning his behavior around.

Just Imagine your child as an adult finally understanding all that you have done for him and thanking you for making the effort to improve his life so that he can succeed.

Sounds like a dream? 

You are not so far away from making all this happen for you and your family.


"We Like Our Child Once More"

"We are already seeing the positive effect in giving our daughter her "special time".  We are also feeling that it is a positive experience for us.   We like our child once more.  We do love her, but her past behaviour has made it hard to like her!  This is all going to change for the better..."

* Patricia Manning, Melbourne

I am ready to make this come true

No thanks

Here is what you are going to be able to do once you enroll... 

Click on the check box next to those things that you really want.

My promise to you is you are going to have:  

     A greater understanding and appreciation of your child
    Less conflicts due to communication errors with your child
     More cooperation to reasonable requests that you make
     Less confrontation
     A child who makes better choices
     A child who takes responsibility for his own actions
     A child who is better able to monitor, judge, and appropriately alter his behavior on his own
    Less trouble in school
     A child with better grades
    A happier child
     A better relationship with your child
     An end to the chore wars

Plus, you will:

     Eliminate the stress, fighting, and bad feelings that comes with responding to your child’s obnoxious behavior
    Make any punishment or discipline that you need to use far more effective
     Be confident knowing that you can handle any new situation that may come up with your child


     You will feel good about being a parent to your child
    Your child will feel good about being your child
     Your relationship with your child will just get better and better
    You will be able to repair damage in the relationships that you currently have with your child

Now, count all the boxes that you checked. 

You can see for yourself how much better off you are going to be.

Your child will behave better, there will be fewer conflicts, and you will see a happier more goal-directed child.  

You will also be a lot happier and feel you have more control over what is going on between you and your child.  You will never have that feeling of helplessness that comes with not knowing how to react or what to do.    

Most importantly, you will be happier and have a better relationship with your child.  And this improvement is something that you will be able to enjoy for the rest of your life.

Plus, to do all of this you will not need:

     -- Your child’s cooperation
     -- Your child's other parent’s cooperation

It will be entirely in your hands.

"So Simple and Easy to Follow"

"Your program is so simple and easy to follow. It is so clear what I need to do. Thank you."

* Karen Mitchell, Manchester


How Will the Complete Connection Parenting ODD Program for Children Help You?

Here are some of the things you will discover:

   •  What is going to happen to your child if you don't take steps right now to change his behavior

   •  Why when you listen to what your child says to you, you are missing 93% of what is going on

   •    Your child’s number one priority, and why this stops him from obeying you

   •  Why all the behavioral techniques you have read in so many parenting books never work on your child… and what does work

   •  Why using punishments, consequences, and coercion will destroy your home

   •  Four reasons your child will defy your requests and refuse to obey you, and what you can do about each one

   •   Medical interventions:  medicines and natural supplements that have been proven to help with ODD behavior in 90% of children

   •  The four underlying causes of defiant behavior, and how you can use them to eliminate arguing, talking back, and abusive behavior

   •  Why most behavioral treatments and parenting books fail to help with defiant children, and why they usually make things worse

   •  How to side step power struggles and why you must do that

   •  9 parenting strategies that experts commonly recommend that will absolutely positively never work with your ODD child

   •  Three reasons why rewarding good behavior is going to backfire- unless you know exactly the correct way to do it

   •  How you may be helping your child to become defiant

   •  Why your child sees you as an irritating nag, and how to change that

   •  Five problems that you create when you respond to bad behavior

   •  Why rewards and consequences don’t work with defiant children and what you can do instead that does work

   •  5 easy to use strategies to get your child to cooperate

   •  The key to understanding and eliminating the underlying cause of bad behavior

   •  The one word that will allow you to control any argument you have with your child, allow you to maintain your dignity and authority as a parent, show your child that you are the one who is in charge

   •  Ten keys to coping with a defiant child

   •  How to handle a behavior problem in school

   •  Three strategies that will put an end to homework battles

   •  How to make the teacher your ally to eliminate your child’s school defiance

   •  A six word sentence that will get your child to obey you

   •  Five things your child’s teacher needs to know in order to be successful with your child

   •  How to change bedtime from a battle into a chance to build your relationship

   •  How a few properly placed words will transform your child and make him obedient and cooperative

   •  5 easy ways to gain your child’s cooperation

   •  How to refocus to get your child through school and get him to excel at what he is really good at

   •  Why what you say and what your child hears have almost nothing in common

   •  How to really uncover what is bothering your child so that you can improve his behavior

How is the Complete Connection Parenting ODD Program for Children Different From Everything Out There?

These are the reasons parents tell me most:

          1   The program integrates everything you need in a uniform step-by-step system.

          2   It is easy to understand and simple to use.

          3   It works if you have one child or many.

          4   It eliminates problems and conflicts before they occur.

          5   It explains your child’s needs and exactly how to provide  them.

          6   It shows you what to do when your child gets off track.

          7   There is complete support for you by e-mails so that you simply must be successful.

"We are 100% Satisfied"

"We are 100% satisfied with the course and its content. Since starting we have noticed a big improvement in our son's behavior, we have used your principles on many occasions, all to great effect! Thank you."

* Melissa Phillips, Boca Raton


So what do you get exactly when you enroll in the Complete Connection Parenting ODD Program for Children?

    First you will get the

    Complete Connection Parenting ODD Program for Children audio program

    This four hour concise information packed audio recording is filled with action steps to help you get control of your child’s behavior right away.  Plus, it is delivered to you in MP3 format so you can download it right away.  You can listen to it directly from your computer or you can place it in your ipod.  It is your choice. 

    Complete Connection Parenting ODD Program for Children manual

    This 104 page manual is available to you in pdf format.  You can download this as soon as you enroll and get started.  Plus, because it is a pdf manual, you can use the built in search function on your pdf reader to find the information you are looking for right away.

    Free Unlimited Consulting by Email for One Year

    Let me stress the value of this.

    Right now if you have a question or problem about ADHD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, or difficult child behavior, who can you ask? Your child's pediatrician? His psychologist?

    And even if you do have somebody that can help, how long do you need to wait to get an appointment? A week? A month?

    And let's not forget the time spent going to the office and in the waiting room. And then, of course, there is that bill at the end.

    When you enroll in the Complete Connection Parenting ODD Program for Children you may contact me as often as you like and ask your questions. I will be there to help you. No appointments, no waiting in lines and no hefty bill at the end.

    Why am I giving you such an opportunity?

    Because I understand that parents have a lot of uncertainty when raising their difficult children, particularly if their child has Oppositional Defiant Disorder. Believe me, I've been there.

    That is why I am making this offer….  Because I am committed to your success.

    However, please understand that my time is very limited. I can only offer the opportunity to personally help you with your child to a limited number of parents. As of today I still have openings left. However, please understand that these spots will fill quickly.

    If you enroll now I can make this offer to you.

    This offer may not be available to you later.

    Also as a special bonus:

    When you enroll in the Complete Connection Parenting ODD Program for Children you will get:

                    A one month FREE membership to the...

    Private, by Invitation Only

    Complete Connection Parenting VIP Gold Club

    Here is what your VIP Gold Club membership gives you:

    1 Weekly Office Hours (Value: $100/month)
          (Note: I am quoting you real values, not just some number I made up to make the program sound good)

    Get your specific personal questions answered in private. Once a week my  private phone line will be open and you can call in and ask your questions. These calls will not be recorded.

    2 The Monthly Focus Program (Total Value: $125/month)

      a.    The Monthly Focus Call (Value: $75/month) Each month we will focus on a specific topic that concerns you. We will schedule interviews and discussions with experts on a wide range of issues and problems that you face.

      Here are some of the topics we will discuss:

        •   How to eliminate your child’s anger problems
        •    Getting your child to perform, cooperate, and behave in school
        •    How to cope as a single parent
        •    How to get your child and yourself through a divorce
        •    Getting back in the game:  How to prepare your children and yourself for remarriage         
        •    How to help your child develop better social skills
        •    How your child’s diet may be affecting his behavior

      And what ever else interests you.  This is your club and I will make sure that it meets all of your needs.

      The talks will be live or pre-recorded depending upon the expert's schedule. You may email your questions for the expert before the talk and ask them live when possible.

      b. The Monthly Focus Call Recording (Value: $15/month)
      Don't worry about taking notes or missing the call. You will be able to download the recording soon after the call is finished.

      c. The Monthly Focus Call Transcript (Value: $10/month)

      All the calls will be transcribed and all VIP Gold Club members will get the transcription.

      d. The Monthly Focus Report (Value: $25/month)
      Every month you will get a special report on the topic of that month.

      Plus as a VIP Gold Club member you will get:

      3 Priority VIP email support (Value: $50/month)

      You will get my private email address. That means your questions take priority and get answered first.

      4 Subscription to the Parenting Video Pod cast (Value: $50/month)

      There are over one hundred 2-5 minute videos with a new parenting tip that you can use right away.  And you will get access to the entire archive of videos.

      5 A One Year Subscription to the ADD ADHD Advances online journal (Value: $25/month)

      Over the course of the year you will receive more than 100 articles on parenting, child behavior, ADHD, ODD, and Bipolar disorder.

      The total value of The Complete Connection Parenting VIP Gold Club is $350/month. Again, these are real values, not some made up numbers.

      As you can see The Complete Connection Parenting VIP Gold Club is a very special and exclusive club open only to parents who really care….

      And you are getting a one-month free trial membership in this exclusive VIP Parenting Club.

      But don’t worry, I won’t charge you anywhere near the value to continue.  To make it extremely affordable for any parent who really cares, the normal monthly membership dues are only $57.

      But as an extra bonus for you, your membership will automatically be locked in at a 51% discount.

      As I mentioned, the normal monthly membership dues are $57.   But as an additional bonus, after your one month free trial ends, your monthly membership dues are locked in at $57/month $27.97/month

      Plus, you don’t have to do anything to get all this. Your dues will be billed automatically every month to your credit card at a 51% discount.   

      Best of all, you have no obligation.

      You are not required to join for a year or for six months like other clubs. If at any time and for any reason you wish to end your membership, just email my office and we will cancel your membership on that day.   Period.  There will be no questions asked and you will not be charged ever again.

      I bear completely the responsibility to earn your continued interest, involvement and trust each and every month.   I am committed to guaranteeing your success as a parent.

      That’s it…

        •    One month free trial with $350 of real value

        •    A 51% discount after the first month

        •    Cancel whenever you wish

        •    No commitment on your part

        •    The burden of responsibly all on me

      You are never going to find a better deal than this.
      You have absolutely nothing to lose.  You have no risk.
      I am taking all the risk for you.

      "We are Looking Forward to a Very Successful Year in School"

      "I am finding this course very helpful in learning to deal effectively with our Oppositional Defiant Disorder child. We are looking forward to a very successful year in school as well! Thanks for all your help."

      * Mary Beth Hastings, St. John's


      To summarize:

      This is what you will get when you enroll in the New Complete Connection Parenting ODD Program for Children:

         •    Complete Connection Parenting ODD Program for Children online audios  (Value $197)

         •    Complete Connection Parenting ODD Program for Children transcripts  (Value $57)

         •    Complete email support for an entire year  (Value $600)

         •    Your One month Free Trial Membership to the Complete Connection Parenting VIP Gold Club (Value $57)

         •    Your optional locked in automatic discount to the Complete Connection Parenting VIP Gold Club (Value $291/year)

      Total Value:  $1202

      And Now, I'll Bet You Are "Worrying"
      About The Price.....

      As you can see the actual value of the program is $1202.  I want to stress again that these are real values, not some inflated numbers.

      Well, I am certainly not going to charge you that much for this program. 

      I would be able to charge $248 for this program since I am giving back to you almost five times that amount.  But I am not going to charge that much either.

      What I am going to charge for this complete package next week is only $187.97.

      But for this week only as a special introduction you can enroll in this program for only $248 $75.97. That's a $112 savings for you that you can put directly into your pocket.

      Again, That’s $1202 of true value for only $75.97.  

      You will not find a better deal anywhere

      I want to save $112 and enroll now!

      No thanks

      Some parents think they can find this priceless information on the web for free.

      That’s a big mistake.

      You will lose a lot of time and waste a lot of energy (spending endless hours trying a bunch of free things that don't work).

      The revolutionary information found in the Complete Connection Parenting ODD Program for Children is not available ANYWHERE else.

      I should know.  I created it.

      And certainly you will NOT find anything similar for this astonishingly low price.

      Best of all you get my:

    "100% Satisfaction, No-Hassle, One Year Money Back, Risk-Free, Two Stage GUARANTEE"

“My 100% Satisfaction, No-Hassle,
One Year Money Back,
Risk-Free, Two Stage GUARANTEE!"


This is what I promise you and this is what so many other parents have already achieved:

            “Your child will no longer continually argue with you.”
           “Your child will show you more respect.”
            “Your child will stop talking back to you.”
            “You will have a more peaceful home.”
            “You will feel success as a parent.”
            “You will feel closer to your child.”

How Sure am I That This Program Will Work for You?

    Okay, here's the deal:

    Stage One of the Guarantee:

      This is for 30 days, and is a totally unconditional money back guarantee. Absolutely no questions asked and no note from your mother required.

      Get the Complete Connection Parenting ODD Program for Children and tear into it. Listen to the recordings, read the manual, start using the strategies and have fun.

      If you're not incredibly thrilled for any reason - I'll cheerfully refund your purchase.

    The Second Stage:

      If you stay with me past 30 days, I can assure your success!

      I positively guarantee that if you try even half of the techniques and strategies I reveal inside this program, you will experience a significantly more peaceful home and a much happier, less stressed out life.

      So use the program for the entire year. Contact me with your questions or problems.  If for some strange or odd reason by the end of the year you don't see an improvement, I'll gladly buy the Complete Connection Parenting ODD Program for Children back from you for every hard earned penny you paid!

      All you have to do is at the end of the year "look me in the eye" on paper and show me that you tried...that means all you need to do is just remind me that you contacted me with your questions through the year and I wasn't able to help.

    It's that simple!!

    You have absolutely no risk.

    In fact, I am the one taking all the risk for you...

    So, you can't possibly lose, unless you pass up this opportunity!

    Here’s the thing…

    You Really Have Only Two Choices…

    This has to be one of the easiest decisions you’ll ever make.

    Either keep struggling and suffering and worrying as you have been. And wasting your time and your child's on things that don't work.

    Or begin to improve your child’s behavior in the next few minutes.

    It is that simple…

    I am Ready to Make the Right Choice

    No thanks

    "So, Are You Ready to Take Your Child’s Potential,
    and Your Family Life to the Next Level Starting Right Now?"

    This life-changing and empowering information prepares you to create MASSIVE RESULTS in your home and your life and enjoy the family harmony you've been longing for.

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"My Life is Much Easier Now"

"I would like to thank you for the help you have given both to me and to my son. I have seen a big difference in my son for the better. Thanks to you, my life is much easier now."

* Donna Bianco, Fgura, Malta

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Anthony Kane, MD





Anthony Kane, MD

ADD ADHD Advances
Complete Connection Parenting


    P. S. Remember, your participation in this program is risk-free. The New Complete Connection Parenting ODD Program for Children works every single time as long as you TAKE ACTION.

    If you're sick and tired of trying every new "magic potion" under the sun only to see your child's behavior getting worse, this is the program for you. So grab this price while you can! You've got nothing to lose.

    P. P. S. I guarantee you are never going to find an incredible value like this anywhere. 

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