"At Last: Introducing a New Revolutionary Program that Reveals Step-by-Step How to Eliminate Your Teenager's Disobedience, Anger, and Rebellion… Forever!"

An Important Announcement for Parents of Difficult Teenagers:

"Are You Ready to End Your Teenager's Disrespect, Arguing, and Talking Back Once and for All?"

"If So, This May Well Be the Most Important Information about Handling your Difficult Defiant Teen that You Will Ever Receive"

"I was dreading the future, but with your help I do not feel the need to want to 'run away from it all' now! Many thanks!"

Sheila R., Portland 

"Your program is so simple and easy to follow. It is so clear what I need to do. Thank you."

Karen M., Manchester

"Who could believe something so simple would have such a positive effect?"

Michele P., Chicago


But the problem is that most parents of rude, rebellious, defiant teenagers want to regain control -- they just don't know how.

And it seems the harder that you try, the more your teenager "acts-out."

Well, guess what:

It is Not Going to Get Better By Itself!

    You must take control of your teenager&8217;s behavior before it is too late!

    But it&8217;s not hard to do. It&8217;s not complicated and anyone can do it

You Just Have to Learn How

"Finally… A Quick and Easy Way to END Your Teenager's Stubbornness, Lying, and Disrespect… Permanently!"


"How to Handle Your Difficult Defiant Teenager"


"I would like to thank you for the help you have given both to me and my son. I have seen a big difference in my son for the better. Thanks to you, my life is much easier already."

Maria J., Buenos Aires

"I'm an MD, an adult psychiatrist. I have a wonderful girl, but I'm convinced that she's 'just not wired right.' I am trying to help her but there's such a quagmire of information in the field and so many approaches that I'm confused and overwhelmed.

"I stumbled upon your site accidentally... I could not stop reading. Your ability to synthesize and make sense of so much material is invaluable. I am in awe of what you have accomplished. I look forward to learning everything I can from you. Thanks to you, I already know the direction I need to go in.

Paula C., MD St. Louis

Oppositional Defiant Disorder

Anthony Kane, MD

I am Anthony Kane, physician, former director of special education, author of a book, a number of programs, and numerous articles about ADHD, ODD, and child raising.

I am an international lecturer and public speaker on the topics of ADHD, ODD, child behavior, and learning disabilities. I am also the father of three teenagers,two with Oppositional Defiant Disorder and ADHD. You see, I am a parent with children just like yours.

I have been speaking with and advising parents throughout the world about how to handle their difficult children for more than a decade.

So I have seen what things work and what things don&8217;t work. I have tried them at home. I have shared and experienced the pain of parents whose teenagers constantly argue and fight with them.


So let me ask you some straight questions…

      Are you sick of all the talking back, arguing, and fighting?
      Are you fed up with the anger, disrespect, and foul language?
     Is your teen about to drop out of school?
     Is your child heading for jail?
     Is your teen getting involved with drugs and alcohol?
      Are you fed up with the verbal abuse or even physical threats?
      Does your daughter use your things without your permission?
      Does your son drive your car recklessly or when he is drunk?
      Is your home like a battlefield?
     Does your teen lie around doing nothing all day long?
     Do you feel like your teenager is spinning out of control, heading for disaster and there is nothing you can do about it?
     Are you tired of your teenager stealing from you?
     Is your teenager's difficult behavior running you ragged?
      Does your child's foul mouth remind you of an open sewer?
      Does your teenager&8217;s rotten behavior make you feel like you are failing as a parent?
     Are your teenager's tantrums ruining your life?
     Are you tired of your teenager lying to you?
      Do you feel like you are losing control over your child, your family, and your home?

Sure... Raising teenagers is difficult.

But do you ever get the feeling that raising your teen is

harder than it should be?

"If You Want to do More Than Just Dream about
Having Your Teenager
Obey Your Rules, Help
Around the House, and Behave More

Then you must

Enroll In

"How to Handle Your Difficult Defiant Teenager"

"This revolutionary program will show you how to take care of the problems that you are experiencing with your teenager step-by-step"

    Put an END to:
      • Disrespect
      • Defiance
      • Rebellious behavior
      • Talking back
      • Rudeness
      • Lying
      • Stealing
      • Violent behavior
      • Irresponsibility
      • Bad language
      • Anger
      • Temper tantrums

    and a host of other common problems

When You Enroll In

How to Handle Your Difficult Defiant Teenager

Here is what you will learn:
  • The only sure-fire way to get your teenager to be more responsible (That's right. There is only one way to do this... and you are going to learn it here)
  • A simple 5-step process that will stop the arguing- completely
  • A 3 part sentence that will get your teenager to clean up after himself (and I don't mean by nagging)
  • How to eliminate talking back (this is an easy one)
  • A simple technique that will get your teenager to obey rules (and that means your rules)
  • How so many parents practically force their teenagers to lie to them, and what you can do so that this doesn't happen to you
  • How to get your teenager to stop threatening you (you will never have to be afraid again)
  • The four totally wrong responses that almost all parents have when their teenager is stealing (you simply can't do these things... you can't, you can't, you can't... you will ruin your life)
  • Put an end to your teen's snotty attitude (this is another easy one)
  • Get your teenager to show you the respect you deserve (you do want this don't you?)
You will hear:
  • How to put an end to anger and tantrums quickly and easily
  • Your only real defense against drug and alcohol abuse (so you think your child would never get involved with these things? Well, guess again)
  • What it means when your teen seems to lie around and do nothing, when this is really a problem, and when you should ignore it
  • How to put an end to physical and verbal threats to you (and if this is a problem for you, you need to take care of this ...immediately)
You will see how to:
  • Get your teen to help around the house- without giving you an attitude
  • Reduce your own level of stress and increase your sense of happiness and fulfillment (yes, you also can have a life)
  • Gain control over what happens in your home (you will be amazed how easy this is... once you know exactly what to do)
  • Put an end to the verbal abuse and foul language (and this is super easy to do)
You will know:
  • What to do if you think your child is becoming a criminal and how to stop it (what you learn here can save your child's life... literally!)
  • How to restore a warm, loving relationship with your child (no matter how strained your relationship... no matter how bad it looks now)
  • The exact reasons your teen does just about everything he does... when you need to worry and what you can do to take charge when necessary

"Even if You Think Your Situation is Hopeless
This Program will Show You How to Turn it Around"

Nothing is hopeless.

In this program we discuss 79 common problems parents have with their teenagers and you will learn how to handle them all.

You can solve your teen parenting problems forever! (And it will take you less time and you won't be struggling the way you are now)

The program will show you how to handle even the most defiant teenager.

It will allow you to gain complete control over what goes on in your home and show you how you can restore even the most strained relationships in an easy step-by-step way.

During the program you will learn how to put an end to the conflicts you are having with your teenager.

You will know which battles to pick, where to make your stand, and how to make your stand.

You will see how you, the parent, really are the one who is in control of what is going on between you and your teen.

This program will help you, even if you think your situation is hopeless. You can turn around even the most seemingly impossible situation.

Nothing is beyond hope.

But Getting Your Teen to Behave Better is Only Half the Battle

You also want your teenager to be more responsible, more dependable, and more reliable.

By the end of the program:

  • You will know why your teenager does what he or she does.
  • Your teenager will be much more responsible.
  • You will get your teenager to grow up and act more maturely.

By the time you finish the program, your teen will be well on the path to becoming a good, responsible adult.

  • You will have a better relationship with your teenager
  • You will have control over what happens in your home
  • You will be a much more effective parent
  • You will have confidence as a parent
  • You will regain the respect that you deserve as a parent
  • You yourself are going to be a much happier and more relaxed person
  • You will enjoy your teenager a lot more
And best of all, your teenager won't need to "cooperate" with the program for any of these things to happen. In fact, your teen will never know you are using a "program". He will just notice that things between the two of you are getting a lot better and he won't know why. He might even take credit for it. Teens do that.

The main body of the program consists of a series of video downloads, the course manual, and the course workbook.

There will also be recordings (at least 5 or more) on special topics that are going to be released to the participants as I finish them.

So far the topics are Teenage Sexuality, 
Teen Drug and Alcohol Abuse, Teen Bipolar Disorder, and Teen Depression

The other topics will be chosen by you, the program participants.

There will be Question and Answer sessions that will be recorded and made available to you.

Finally, I Want to Stress that This Program is About You.

The purpose of the program is, in an individual and very specific way, to help you get control over what is going on in your home and raise your teen to become a successful caring adult.

With that in mind, I am going to want your feedback on this program.

I will need to know what topics you want to know more about and exactly where your specific challenges lie so that I can improve and upgrade the program to meet your needs.

Listen, we are all in this together. Raising teenagers is hard. The more we can help each other the better off everybody will be.

I am willing to do everything I can to help you, but I am only one person. The collective collaboration and efforts of groups of parents working together to help each other will be much more effective for everybody. No one will feel alone again.

Because this program is going to be based upon group interaction and feedback, by necessity the number of openings must be limited.

Therefore, only 40 parents will be accepted in the program.


"I am so delighted .... I am actually beginning to enjoy more of what parenthood has to offer.
Thanks for all your help."

Donna K., Cedar Rapids

"We have noticed a dramatic improvement in our daughter's behaviour. We have used your principles on many occasions, all to great effect! I cannot believe how something so truly simple can have such an unbelievably positive impact!

Please keep up the good work."

Alice L., Hong Kong


Who Should NOT Enroll in This Program

How to Handle Your Difficult Defiant Teenager is not for everyone.

How to Handle Your Difficult Defiant Teenager is FOR YOU if you have an open mind.

The information in this program is groundbreaking. You have not heard anything like it before. That may make some parents uncomfortable.

There are a handful of very successful professionals in the world who use this approach on a private basis. They work with parents weekly for many months and they take an extremely high fee to do so.

These professionals can charge top dollar because, by using this approach, they deliver excellent results. And parents line up to pay them thousands of dollars in order to save their teenagers and their homes.

Please realize that you will be getting a very unique program and one that is not available to the general public.

How to Handle Your Difficult Defiant Teenager is FOR YOU if you are truly interested in doing something to help your child and your home.

There are some parents who buy books and enroll in programs so that they can collect information and pile it up on their shelves. These parents are not so interested in doing that much to help their teens.

But they feel guilty when their teens spin out of control. So they get a lot of stuff because it makes them feel like they have 'tried everything' and so they don't have to feel guilty.

If this describes you -please, please, please do us all a favor and do not enroll!

I am going to be investing a lot of time and effort to work with you. The number of places available is extremely limited.

Please don't take the place of somebody else who could really benefit from this program.

How to Handle Your Difficult Defiant Teenager is FOR YOU if you are willing to struggle a lot less and enjoy your teenager a lot more.

This may sound like a no brainer, but some people feel guilty when things go too smoothly for them.

So- what kind of price tag should I put on this information?

I really had a hard time with this question.

One colleague suggested that I should charge what everyone else charges - about $3500. That is what such a program normally would cost you, but that would make price a major obstacle. And the point of the program is to let parents in, not lock them out.

I think even charging $1000 would be difficult for many parents.

The truth is that I had a much better idea about what I am going to charge when this program is released to the general public next year.

Why?...Because first of all, I am releasing this program primarily to the parents who have been involved in my other courses and the clients of my close associates. It is only for you. No one else even knows this program exists.

And because I have spent so much time working with so many parents online over the past five years, I feel a great deal of gratitude toward you.

I am grateful to everyone who has contacted me, asked me questions and participated in my site over the past five years. In fact, without your questions, I never would have realized the need for this program.

Also, since I am releasing this program privately, only to a very select exclusive group of parents, I know that I can count on you to participate and work with each other to help each other.

We shall be communicating back and forth and creating and modifying the program together so that the program works for everyone. So in that sense we are really partners together.

When this program is released, I will be charging in the ball park of $597 for the DVD version of the program.

Don't get nervous, I am not going to charge anywhere near that amount for you.

I am able to give you a significant price break at the moment, because I am not releasing this yet as a hard product. Since I am able to avoid the cost of printing and shipping (and you wouldn't believe how expensive that is) I am passing the savings on to you.

So again the question is what kind of price tag should I put on this program?

    Well if your teenager gets hooked on drugs or alcohol, the cost of treatment is $1433 as an outpatient and if he needs a residential treatment center the cost is $3840. (That's for the easy stuff. If he needs methadone treatment to get him off heroin, the cost is $7415)

    If your teen gets into a car accident the average cost is $52,900, assuming no one gets killed.

    If your child ends up in jail, the cost can be up to $130/day for an average of 15 days and you, the parent, will have to pay the attorney fees, probation fees, court costs, restitution, detention fees and other services.

    If your daughter gets pregnant it will cost on the average $487, but that is only if she decides to have an abortion. (If she decides to have the baby you won't have to pay anything- ever again... that's because you will lose all legal custody and she will be considered a legal adult, even if she is just 12 years old)

    If your child gets a sexually transmitted disease it probably won't cost you anything and you probably won't ever find out about it.

    I can't tell you exactly what it would cost your child if he decides not to finish high school. But on the average he will earn about half of what he would earn if he finished high school for the rest of his life.

The point is if you are worried about money, you should be much more concerned about the cost of the things that your teen may be getting involved in, than what it costs to keep him out of trouble.

Still I am going to give you a tremendous bargain.

The cost of the DVD program is going to be $597 when it is released next year. I am not going to charge you half of that.

You can get instant access to:

How to Handle Your Difficult Defiant Teenager

Including all the videos, the program manual and the workbook

For only $197.87, less than 34% of what the program will cost when it is released to the general public.

Also you will get

Free Unlimited Consultation by email for One Year

Let me stress the value of this.

Right now if you have a question or problem about how to deal with your teenager, who can you ask? Your child's pediatrician? His psychologist?

And even if you do have somebody that can help, how long do you need to wait to get an appointment? A week? A month?

And let's not forget the time spent going to the office and in the waiting room. And then, of course, there is that bill at the end.

When you enroll in

How to Handle Your Difficult Defiant Teenager

You may email me as often as you like and ask your questions. I will be there to help you. No appointments, no waiting in lines and no hefty bill at the end.

Again You Get:
  1. The How to Handle Your Difficult Defiant Teenager video downloads

  2. The How to Handle Your Difficult Defiant Teenager course manual

  3. The How to Handle Your Difficult Defiant Teenager course workbook

  4. The How to Handle Your Difficult Defiant Teenager special recordings

  5. The How to Handle Your Difficult Defiant Teenager Question and Answer session recordings

  6. Free Unlimited Consultation by Email for One Year

And you get all of this for only $197.87 , less than $3.81 a week or $0.55 a day for your one year enrollment. Why, that is less than a grande latte a week at Starbucks! Surely, your teenager is worth that!

Enroll Now


"We've had so much success with your program that we really haven't had to implement any of the discipline ideas. Our home is a much more peaceful and happy place. Thank you."

Shirley B., Erie

"Thank you for all the many tips you have given me. I have learned a lot from them. I have been struggling with my son and his behavior for about 6 years. Now he is happier and I am happier.

I just wanted to thank you for your time and your lessons. They really do work. "

Rachel F., Warren

And You Get My...

"100% Satisfaction, No-Hassle, One Year Money Back, Risk-Free, Two Stage GUARANTEE"

    “My 100% Satisfaction, No-Hassle,
    One Year Money Back,
    Risk-Free, Two Stage GUARANTEE!"

    This is what I promise you and this is what so many other parents have already achieved:

    • “Your teenager will be more willing to obey you.”

    • “You will have a better relationship with your teen.”

    • “Your teenager will no longer continually argue with you.”

    • “Your teen will show you more respect.”

    • “Your teen will stop talking back to you.”

    • “You will have a more peaceful home.”

    • “You will feel success as a parent.”

    • “You will feel closer to your child.”

    How Sure am I That This Program Will Work for You?

    Okay, here's the deal:

    Stage One of the Guarantee:

      This is for 30 days, and is a totally unconditional money back guarantee. Absolutely no questions asked and no note from your mother required.

      Get the How to Handle Your Difficult Defiant Teen program and tear into it. Watch the videos, print up the workbook, start using the strategies and have fun.

      If you're not incredibly thrilled for any reason - I'll cheerfully refund your purchase.

    The Second Stage:

      If you stay with me past 30 days, I can assure your success!

      I positively guarantee that if you try even half of the techniques and strategies I reveal inside this program, you will experience a significantly more peaceful home and a much happier, less stressed out life.

      So use the program for the entire year. Contact me with your questions or problems.  If for some strange or odd reason you don't see an improvement, I'll gladly buy the How to Handle Your Difficult Defiant Teen program back from you for every hard earned penny you paid!

      All you have to do is at the end of the year "look me in the eye" on paper and show me that you tried...that means all you need to do is just remind me that you contacted me with your questions and I wasn't able to help and send me the workbook and show me you have done the exercises.

    It's that simple!!

    You have absolutely no risk.

    In fact, I am the one taking all the risk for you...

    So, you can't possibly lose, unless you pass up this opportunity!

    Anthony Kane, MD    

    ADD ADHD Advances     

      Why am I offering such a strong guarantee?

      Because, I know this program works... but you don't.

      I Don’t Want You to Risk Anything.

      So enroll in the course, apply what you learn.

      If you don’t see positive improvements in your teenager’s difficult behavior simply let me know at the end of the year and I will refund your purchase price immediately.

      This program is completely Risk Free!

      This is What You Must Do Now:

        Click here and enroll.

        You will get immediate access to the video downloads, the manual, and the workbook.

      1. Download these items

      2. Watch the videos

      3. Work at your own pace

      4. Ask your questions

      5. Begin to enjoy being a parent to your teenager

Go ahead and Secure Your Place immediately...

Yes, Dr. Kane! I Want to Enroll in Your Program, How to Handle Your Difficult Defiant Teenager Now!

I need to arm myself with step-by-step information, practical tips and proven strategies guaranteed to help me get my teenager's difficult behavior under control... before it's too late.

I understand I will get access to the program immediately once my payment is processed, and that my personal information is private, safe and secure.

I will get the following:

  • The How to Handle Your Difficult Defiant Teenager video downloads

  • The How to Handle Your Difficult Defiant Teenager manual

  • The How to Handle Your Difficult Defiant Teenager workbook

  • The How to Handle Your Difficult Defiant Teenager special topic audio recordings as they become available

  • UNLIMITED consulting for one-year. I can email you anytime I wish and as often as I wish to get answers to any and all of my questions.

    There will be no appointments, no waiting in lines, and no extra hidden charges. You will be there to give me and my family the help that we need.

    Finally, I understand my investment is fully protected by your one year money back two stage guarantee. There is absolutely no risk.

    Here's How to Enroll...

  • Just Click Below to Use
    Our Safe and Secure Online Enrollment Form

          Your order will be processed immediately.

=> Click Here to Enroll 100% Risk-Free <=

    P. S. -- Let me refresh your memory again as to what you will receive when you enroll in How to Handle Your Difficult Defiant Teenager

    How to Handle Your Difficult Defiant Teenager: The Entire Program

    The How to Handle Your Difficult Defiant Teenager video downloads
    The How to Handle Your Difficult Defiant Teenager Manual
    The How to Handle Your Difficult Defiant Teenager Workbook
    The How to Handle Your Difficult Defiant Teenager Special Topic Recordings
    One Year Unlimited Email Consultation
    One Year Two Stage Money Back Guarantee
      Complete Program            $597
      Your Price:                          $197.87

        P. P. S.

        • Why should you continue to endure your teenager's disrespect?

        • Why should you tolerate the talking back?

        • Why should you bear the rudeness and the foul language?

        • Why dread what your child will do next?

        • Why live with the anger and the temper tantrums?

        • Why should you feel like you have no control over your child, your family, and your home?

        You have the opportunity to regain control of your home and place your teenager on the proper path to growing up.

        But you need to enroll now

        The enrollment is almost full.  There are only 40 spots open. Whoever comes first, gets in.

        Remember, you get the One Year, Two Stage, Money Back Guarantee

        You have absolutely no risk!

The Only Way You Can Lose is if You Don't Enroll

=> Click Here to Enroll 100% Risk-Free <=

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