Does your child have a Central Auditory Processing Disorder? Are you considering using The Listening Program? Do you need information concerning the Listening Program? Are you looking for information concerning ADD ADHD and Central Auditory Processing Disorders? How about the The Listening Program as a Central Auditory Processing Disorder treatment alternatives? Whether ADD ADHD child behavior problems you are seeing is a direct result of ADD ADHD or a Central Auditory Processing Disorder is also a factor you have come to the right place. At ADD ADHD Advances you will find the help you need, including information on The Listening Program, help with child behavior, information on ADD ADHD medication, alternative ADD ADHD treatment plans and help for Central Auditory Processing Disorders. We are here to help you with your ADD ADHD child.

"Information on

The Listening Program"

by    Anthony Kane, MD
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The Listening Program

by Anthony Kane, MD


Central auditory processing disorders seem to result from a defect in the brain stem’s reticular activating system. This is the area of the brain that regulates information from the auditory and vestibular systems, selectively focusing on certain types of sensory inputs while inhibiting others.

Although Central Auditory Processing Disorders have received very little attention from the medical world, a number of techniques to address these problems have evolved. The pioneer of this field, Dr. Alfred Tomatis, began exploring ways of treating Central Auditory Processing Disorders over forty years ago. He developed The Tomatis Method to treat numerous disorders, including ADHD, Dyslexia, Autism, Pervasive Developmental Disorder, Sensory-motor integration problems, Learning disorders and more. His student, Dr. Guy Berard, expanded upon Tomatis’s work and developed Auditory Integration Training.

The programs created by Tomatis and Berard have been functioning successfully for several decades. However, these programs do have some drawbacks. Both programs are clinic-based, administered by trained professionals, and require numerous hours of treatment. This adds up to a large investment of time and money.

One of the biggest advantages of The Listening Program is that it addresses these drawbacks. Since it is administered at home, users of this program can have the benefit of treating the Central Auditory Processing Disorder without a tremendous investment of time and money.

Central Auditory Processing Disorders

Central Auditory Processing Disorders are associated with a number of problems. Some of these are a direct result of the defects. Others are concurrent conditions that are exacerbated by Central Auditory Processing Disorder. Since I have already discussed these problems in two other articles, Auditory Integration Training and Central Auditory Processing Disorders, I will not elaborate of the extent of these disorders here. However, I will briefly mention a short list of problems associated with CAPD:

  • Sound Sensitivity
  • Dyslexia
  • Vestibular Processing Dysfunction
  • Reading Problems
  • Difficulty with Speech Comprehension
  • Difficulty with Thought Organization
  • Behavior Problems
  • Poor School Performance
  • Poor Social Skills

What is The Listening Program?

The Listening Program is a music-based auditory stimulation method developed by Advanced Brain Technologies. The program is designed to improve the auditory skills necessary to effectively listen, learn, and communicate.

Using 8 specially pre-recorded CDs your child listens to the program twice a day for a period of 15 minutes for an 8-week period. The CDs are a series of high-quality audio recordings that integrate specially produced classical acoustic music with innovative sound processing techniques.

Who Created the Program?

Alexander Doman, Joshua Leeds, Ron Minson, MD combined their expertise in psychology, psychoacoustics, and neuro-development to create The Learning Program. Dr. Minson is a psychiatrist who learned the Tomatis method directly under Dr. Tomatis. Alex Doman is the executive director of National Academy of Child Development and a creator of several neuro-developmental programs for children. Joshua Leeds is a composer, producer, and sound researcher. He is one of few published researchers in the field of psychoacoustics.

What is The Listening Program?

The Listening Program requires the listener to commit to two 15-minute sessions daily, five days a week for 8 weeks. The music includes baroque and classical music. The Listening Program is designed to create a balance in the frequency range from 20 Hz to 20 KHz, with an emphasis on the speech range, 750 Hz to 4 KHz.

The Listening Program is designed to balance and restore the ability to listen to and process sounds across the full auditory spectrum. Through enriched auditory stimulation, the program strengths the tiny muscles in the middle ear and improves the brain’s ability to process sounds.

Who Can Benefit?

The Listening Program is designed to improve the child’s processing of sound. The Listening Program helps with auditory processing problems, sound sensitivities, learning and attention deficits. The program has the added advantage in that it also helps to improve communication skills, enhance musical abilities, and optimize learning potential.

How is The Listening Program Obtained?

The Listening Program is available exclusively through authorized providers. These providers are people who pay Advanced Brain Technologies to attend a brief training program to learn how to use the program.

What The Listening Program Treats

The Listening Program has been reported to help improve:
  • Attention span and focus
  • Speech and motor control
  • Auditory perception and sensitivity
  • Musical and vocal expression
  • Self-esteem, mood and motivation
  • Social interaction
  • Understanding spoken language
  • Reading, spelling and handwriting
  • Physical balance and coordination


Sound therapy is quite different from music therapy. Music therapy works by benefiting the individual psychologically. Sound therapy works by creating physiological and neurological changes. The purpose is to bring about an increased efficiency of the auditory system so that functional and educational gains can be made. Sound therapy does not cure auditory processing deficiencies, but it is a powerful tool to reduce the problem.

The big advantage of The Listening Program over the other techniques available is the price and convenience. For a relatively small fee, about $500, you can own the program and use it as often as you like and on as many family members as you wish. Considering that the other techniques cost much more, require you to travel to clinics, may not be available where your live, and you need to pay for each member of the family and each time you do it, The Listening Program is an unusual bargain.

I am not an authorized provider of The Listening Program. However, I am impressed with what the program has to offer. If you are interested in trying The Listening Program, please contact me. If there is enough specific interest in using this program, either I will try to locate an authorized provider who will give us the program at a group discount or I will take the training course myself. The course will take a few months so if you want to go this way you have to be patient. If you would like to try The Listening Program, please contact me at The Listening Program

Anthony Kane, MD

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