Are you a parent looking for information or help with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or Oppostional Defiant Disorder? Are you considering using Ritalin, Dexedrine,Strattera, or Adderall? Are you looking for alternative treatments? Perhaps your child has a problem with learning disabilies, such as dyslexia or simple behavior issues. At this site you will find all the help you need on these topics, plus information on conduct disorder, social skills training, neurofeedback, parent counseling, relaxation training, dealing with school problems, discipline, and more.

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"The Authoritative Guide on how to Manage Your ADHD Child and Give Your Child the Best Possible Future"

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“If You Will Devote 10 Minutes a Day,
Then I
a More Obedient Child”

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Does it Ever Worry You that Your Child is Taking Medication that Affects His Mind?



ADD ADHD Advances
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ADHD treatment is rapidly changing. You need to be on top of what is happening in order to help your child.
Don't expect your doctor to do it for you.


Do You Want To Help Your Child Behave Better?


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Free Software

ADHD testing for Children

Panic Attacks
A resource area for anxiety and panic attack information. Include alternative medicines reviews, clinical studies and links to related websites.
Everything you need to know about ADD and ADHD

Attention Deficit Disorder Magazine by ADDitude
Learn about family support options for attention deficit disorder. Monthly articles by doctors' suggest treatment for ADD ADHD children and adults!

One ADD Place
A one stop information and product site for ADD & ADHD Ken Zaretzky, PCC, The Chicago Areas Premier ADD Coach. Lots of information on ADD and on Coaching. Work with a world famous coach.

Alumbo Hundreds of articles to inspire and motivate, plus tips and resources for personal growth, self-help and wellness. Alumbo brings together enthusiasts and experts, buyers and sellers.

Clinic for Adult Attention Problems The purpose of the Clinic for Adult Attention Problems is to provide assessment and treatment services for adults experiencing problems with various forms of attentional difficulties.

Coaching 4 Adhd Jan Assheton RGN adhd & performance coach offers international coaching by phone and email -available to people with adhd/aspergers/those supporting them + training in ADHD Coaching ADHD awareness

Learning Assessment & Neurocare Centre A UK based assessment centre specialising in ADHD and related conditions

Marianna Csoti Home Page Social skills, people skills, for all ages 7 up; assertiveness skills; anxiety, panic, school phobia; relaxation cassettes; books to help adults and children; personal social and health education.

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