Are you a parent looking for information or help with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or Oppostional Defiant Disorder? Are you considering using Ritalin, Dexedrine,Strattera, or Adderall? Are you looking for alternative treatments? Perhaps your child has a problem with learning disabilies, such as dyslexia or simple behavior issues. At this site you will find all the help you need on these topics, plus information on conduct disorder, social skills training, neurofeedback, parent counseling, relaxation training, dealing with school problems, discipline, and more.

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Helpful Hints

Plan Ahead
Certain forms of misbehavior occur in specific places or on specific occasions. If you are aware of this, you may help reduce or avoid these behavioral problems.

The following are the steps you can use to do so:

Anticipate the problem:
Try to be aware if certain places evoke bad behavior in your child.

Review the rule:
Let your child know the type of behavior you expect before you enter that situation.

Review the incentives for good behavior:
Offer your child a small reward for behaving properly in the situation.

Review the consequences of bad behavior:
Let your child know that you expect him to behave and that if he fails to do so he will have a specific punishment.
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Helpful Hints


Is This Your Child?

By Doris Rapp, M. D.

So, the doctor told you that your child has ADHD and now he is on Ritalin or some similar drug. It helps a little for the few hours that it is working, but when it wears off… You would rather be somewhere else when that happens.

What if the doctor is wrong?

What if your child does not have ADHD, but has something else?

What if that other condition was easily and permanently treatable?

Is such a thing possible?

Dr. Doris Rapp says that it is.

Is This Your Child?

Tells you how to diagnose and treat food sensitivities that may be partially or completely responsible for your child’s ADHD.

There is evidence that 70% of children have sensitivities to certain foods and that these foods can affect their behavior.

I personally used Rapp’s approach to get my ADHD child off of Ritalin in less than a week. He will never need it again.

If you have an ADHD child, then you must get

Is This Your Child?

Do you want to:

Reduce or eliminate your child’s need for Ritalin or other medication
· Improve your child’s behavior
at home
· Improve your child’s behavior at school
· Improve your child’s
school performance
Reduce or eliminate your child’s hyperactivity
· Improve your child’s attention span
· Reduce
your child’s impulsivity
· Improve your child’s overall health
Permanently improve or even cure of your child’s ADHD

If so, you must get

Is This Your Child?

Who knows? Maybe you don’t have an ADHD child.

To order

Is This Your Child?


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