Are you a parent looking for information or help with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or Oppostional Defiant Disorder? Are you considering using Ritalin, Dexedrine,Strattera, or Adderall? Are you looking for alternative treatments like NADH Enada? Perhaps your child has a problem with learning disabilies, such as dyslexia or simple behavior issues. At this site you will find all the help you need on these topics, plus information on conduct disorder, social skills training, neurofeedback, parent counseling, relaxation training, dealing with school problems, discipline, and more.

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Helpful Hints

Plan Ahead
Certain forms of misbehavior occur in specific places or on specific occasions. If you are aware of this, you may help reduce or avoid these behavioral problems.

The following are the steps you can use to do so:

Anticipate the problem:
Try to be aware if certain places evoke bad behavior in your child.

Review the rule:
Let your child know the type of behavior you expect before you enter that situation.

Review the incentives for good behavior:
Offer your child a small reward for behaving properly in the situation.

Review the consequences of bad behavior:
Let your child know that you expect him to behave and that if he fails to do so he will have a specific punishment.
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Enada NADH

NADH is a modified form of vitamin B3. Although it is chemically similar to niacin, it is not technically a B vitamin. NADH functions on the cellular level to catalyze the conversion of glucose to energy. That means that NADH is involved in every energy reaction in every cell in the body.

Clinically, NADH has been used for depression, Parkinson’s disease, and Alzheimer’s disease. It currently is being evaluated in chronic fatigue syndrome.

NADH has not been studied in ADHD. However, I have heard anecdotal reports from clinicians who use it, that it improves their patients’ concentration and attention span, and lessens their fatigue. There are clinicians that use it as a first choice in adult ADHD inattentive subtype or in inattentive adolescents. The effects are not as dramatic as those of stimulants, but one can get acceptable results with Enada . It does not affect appetite and has some other advantages over stimulants in its side effect profile. Also, it works longer. When a patient takes NADH in the morning, it works all day.

I personally have not used NADH for ADHD, but I have had good results using it as a coffee substitute in patients who have trouble tolerating caffeine. The only drawback I have found is that you need to take it in the morning one half hour before meals. When you do that, and it works, it works all day.

The dosing also is a little tricky. You have to dose it by trial and error. I start with an initial dose of 2.5 mg in the morning, and have gone up to 10 mg in some people. The only side effect of overdosing is insomnia.

Again, the only evidence for this being effective in ADHD is anecdotal. However, since NADH is basically harmless, it might be worth a try in adolescent and adult ADHD inattentive patients, particularly if you want to avoid taking stimulant medications.

I have found NADH is cheaper if you buy it on line. To find out more, click on any of the links.

Anthony Kane, MD

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