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If you're the parent of an ADHD child, you may feel guilty, frustrated and overwhelmed. If so, my complete program can...

"De-Stress Your Life When You Know Exactly How to Deal With All Aspects of ADHD — Including What it is, What to Do, What to Expect, What to Watch Out For and What to Avoid — Before it is Too Late."

— By Anthony Kane, MD

"Gain Confidence as a Parent When You Learn How to Deal with the Many Aspects of ADHD that Affect Your Child."

      I know what you're going through. As both a physician and a director of special education, not only have I heard from countless parents just like you who are dealing with the stress and difficulty of raising an ADHD child, but also I have children with ADHD.

       You see, when our son was about two years old, we sent him to a playgroup in our neighborhood. One day I came home to hear our child screaming. What happened? It seems that there was an incident of biting in the playgroup. Our son had bared his fangs on some unsuspecting child. The playgroup leader, a young mother herself, decided to punish the offending mouth by filling it with black pepper. My son screamed for six hours. My wife suffered with our child, probably more than he did. That night, my son cried himself to sleep.

       In the morning, my wife awoke with new determination. Filled with the rage of a mother bear avenging her cub, she called the playgroup leader to task with allegations of child abuse. The conversation grew intense. Then we heard for the first time, what we were to hear many times over.

       "Your son is not normal. He's out of control. You have to do something about him!"

       This young mother, the leader of our child's playgroup, was the first person to recognize that our son had ADHD.

      Since then it has been exhausting to say the least.

       We went through the normal medical channels first. We felt we were lucky- we had a diagnosis while he was still so young. I was a doctor so I was certain I would be offered the best care for my child and he would get better quickly. But that’s not what happened.

       We were model parents. We followed the advice of all the experts. The doctor said to give him Ritalin, so we gave him Ritalin. The school said to give him speech therapy so we gave him speech therapy. Maybe it's his eyes, so we checked his eyes. Maybe it's his ears, so we checked his ears. We went to speech therapists and occupational therapists and play therapists. We talked to this specialist and that specialist and a third specialist and

       Nothing we did Seemed to Make any Difference! .

      Is my story similar to yours? Perhaps like you...

... We were Exasperated. We Could not
Find a Way to Help Our Child!

       The result? We were confused, frustrated and overwhelmed. In fact, this is how I got involved in ADHD and in special education.

My name is Anthony Kane, MD. I have been dealing with ADHD children for years. Not just in my medical practice. Not just as the director of the special education program in our school.

       And not just as an author and lecturer on the subject. But at home as a parent of several ADHD children.

       You see, after listening to countless parents with ADHD children, the stories and struggles of ADHD families particularly touched me deeply.

       But more important, I found that the questions, concerns and often limited resources of these families were particularly stressful — and limiting.

      Their not knowing what to do, or simply doing the wrong thing, often made matters worse. That's when I realized that the lack of good, reliable and practical information was no different than my own family's situation.

       Not everyone can afford help for his or her child. Not everyone can find help. And not everyone who thinks they have found help is really getting helped. Why? Because…

... ADHD Is a Thief
In More Ways Than One.

       ADHD not only alters your child’s self control and behavior, but also it invades your home and attacks your family. It can seriously deplete your limited time and energy.

      And of course, your finances, too.

      For example, which of these questions apply to you:

    Do you have a hyperactive child in your home?

    Are you exhausted from the constant arguing and complaining?

    Does it bother you when you answer the phone and it’s the school again?

    Are tired of all the “advice” from well meaning friends and relatives about what you are doing wrong raising your child?

    Do you sometimes feel like a failure as a parent?

    Is your ADHD child’s behavior running you ragged?

    Does your child’s behavior makes you wish you could run away from your home?

    In your search to help your child, do you usually find incomplete information, a lot of wild claims and come up empty-handed or find yourself even more confused?

    Do you feel helpless to correct your child’s behavior?

    Do you dread what your child will do next?

    Is your child’s behavior straining your marriage?

    Do you feel that no matter what you do and whom you listen to nothing seems to help?

    Do you lie in bed at night dreading tomorrow's fighting and screaming?

    Are your child’s tantrums destroying your life?

    Is your home like a battlefield?

    Do you feel like you are losing your child?

Those Are Just Some Of The Many
Feelings Parents Were Expressing.

      Then it hit me.

       So many parents are not finding what they need in conventional medicine. There are so many wild unfounded claims that non-conventional treatments work. Is there any way to find out what really does works? Is there any way to combine conventional and alternative treatments and find the best ways to help these children?

       Then I began my research. I poured through hundreds of books and articles. I analyzed the research.

       I asked myself, "What if I could provide a comprehensive treatment approach to ADHD?" Next, "What if I could provide practical, step-by-step ideas and solutions, to support, guide and help these children? "

       Better yet, "What if I could create an entire treatment program showing parents how to find the exact treatment combination that is right for their child? "


      Well, that's exactly what I did.

      I put together and developed the program, How to Help the Child You Love -an information-filled guide on ADHD.

       Help is finally here. That's what my goal is- to help parents plan the best course in dealing with this disorder. How do you determine if your child has ADHD? What are your alternatives? How do you take care of the impulsiveness, the difficult behavior, and the mood swings?

       All that and more are answered in this program.

The Longer You Wait, The
Greater The Problems Become.

      I apologize if I sound alarming, but here's an important fact.

      ADHD children do not fit in. They are different. As a result they receive a lot of negativity from those around them. These negative reactions from others- from teachers, from neighbors, from relatives, and from other children – eat away at their feelings of self-esteem. The result is that by the time these children are teenagers frequently they suffer from many of other psychological conditions that have nothing to do with their ADHD. Frequently, the damage is so great that ADHD is no longer their most serious problem.

       That means that the longer you hold off on helping your child, the worse his problems will probably get.

If You Care About Your Child and
You Really Want Your Child to Get Better,
Then You Must do Something about his ADHD Now!

       And the sooner, the better.

       As your child gets older, his ADHD and all those things that come along with it are going to get worse. And the longer you wait, the more complicated your child’s problems are going to become and the harder it will be to take care of them. In fact...

... Hesitating, Even Doing The WRONG
Thing, Are Often Counterproductive.

      You have the best intentions. You listen to the doctor, you give your child the medications and you try to work with the school. But…

  • Are you really happy with the way your child is progressing?

  • Is your child’s ADHD better today than it was two years ago?

  • Is your child’s behavior social development and school performance where you would like them to be?

  • Is the behavior at home getting easier?

  • Is the arguing and fighting getting less?

  • Is your child getting better?

The Experts Recommend Medication and
Psychological Counseling as the Treatment of ADHD.

But listen to this…


  • FACT: No medication has ever cured ADHD.
  •        Physicians treat ADHD with medications. But ask your doctor. He will be the first to tell you the medicines he prescribes will not get rid of ADHD. It just will take care of the symptoms for a while. And when the medicine wears off- well, it’s better not to have anyone around your child at that time.

           But it is worse than that. According to an article published in the American Journal of Psychiatry, medication does nothing to improve a child’s academic performance or social development. In fact the researcher found “no significant long-terms benefits of taking medication” for ADHD. Many other long-term studies back this up.


  • FACT: Psychological counseling does not cure ADHD.
  •        What the psychologist usually does is help you and your child live with and accept the condition. Psychology does nothing to treat or even to address the real ADHD symptoms.

           So everybody, including the doctors, agree that the current state-of-the-art treatment for ADHD does nothing really to treat the actual disorder.


Does this mean that I am against medicines? Not at all. I recommend them and I give them to my patients. And they can be helpful when used in context of a larger more comprehensive treatment plan.

But one thing is clear…

If Doing Nothing is WRONG, then
Relying Solely on Conventional Medicine
is Not Much Better.

  • Obviously, you want you child to get better.

  • Obviously, you want to do what you can to help your child.

  • Obviously, if there is a treatment that will help your child, you want to know about it.

       You child is depending upon you. It's critical that you make the best use of your skills and abilities. Your child needs you to become smart about this disease and to learn how to help your child!


       I hear from parents all the time about their children. Every day I hear stories how ADHD is destroying peoples lives and families.

       It's unfortunate, but I see this all too often. Many parents are even afraid it's too late to help.

       It's never too late.

       But remember, the longer you wait, the more damage happens and the harder it becomes to help your child. So the time to act is now.

       If you don't know the different steps you can take right now to help your child, his condition can get drastically worse. The affects on your life and the life of your child can be devastating. But truth be told, most of serious problems are preventable, too.

       You just need the proper information.


Many Parents are Concerned that their
Children are Failing in School.

       And even if your child is getting by, since ADHD children are often very intelligent, it is clear to you that your child is not performing up to his or her potential.

       This is a major concern for parents. Psychologists have developed all sorts of programs to help these children. But listen to this…


      “Cognitively based psychotherapy will not cure ADHD.”

Sam Goldstein, Ph. D.

      “Purely cognitive approaches seem to be ineffective. Children can learn self-instruction to concentrate, but do not use it in the classroom. Cognitive-Behavioral treatments do not improve the behavior or academic performance.”

Archives of Diseases in Children

       Does that mean it’s hopeless?

       Not at all. A 1991 study published in the Journal of Applied Nutrition showed a way to “significantly improved conduct, intelligence, and academic performance”. A similar study showed how certain changes in diet could increase a child’s IQ.

       These studies involved thousands of children. What these researchers did is very easy to do. The results are clear and the treatment is easy.

Doing What These Experts Recommend Will
make a MAJOR Difference in Your Child’s Life!

       This treatment is safe, effective, easy to do, and has no side effects. And it will cost you nothing. You already have everything you need in your home. But, I am sure no one has told you about it yet.

... It's Your Responsibility To Become Fully Informed.


Click Here and Enroll Today in

How to Help the Child You Love

       I have personally reviewed dozens of books, articles, manuals and all sorts of literature on ADHD. I've studied countless conventional and alternative research papers, too.

       And what I found is that these books and articles never look beyond the approach that the author himself uses. No one ever looks at the larger picture and fits all the treatments together into a comprehensive program.

       So what is result of all this?

Your child is losing out!

       You need to know what you can do to help your child. That's why I created program, How to Help the Child You Love. In it, I reveal the little known facts about the simple treatments you can do that will help your child.

This is a Program about Answers.

      For example...

  • What if I Could Show You a Way to Help Your Child so that he No Longer Needs Medication?

  • There are millions of children taking drugs for ADHD. Admittedly, most of these children need these drugs to get thru their day. When you get How to Help the Child You Love you will learn what things you can do that will reduce or eliminate your child’s need for medication.

  • What if Your Child Doesn’t Have ADHD? What if it is Something Else?

  • There are many conditions that look just like ADHD. Thousands of children are taking drugs for ADHD who really have something else. And guess what- the drugs improve their symptoms, so nobody looks any further. But in many cases if you treat the real disorder these children will get better completely. Do you know which signs indicate show that your child may not have ADHD? If your child were one of these children, wouldn’t you want to know?

  • Do the Side Effects of Your Child’s Medicines Bother You?

  • Did you know that there is no reason your child should be experiencing side effects from medication. If your child is experiencing side effects, I will show you what to do.

  • Does Your Child’s Behavior at Home Bother You?

  • How to Help the Child You Love will reveal to you what might be causing your child’s mood swings and how you can control them.

  • Do You Want to Know the Fastest Way to Get Your Child Off Drugs Forever?

  • Three years ago I got my son off Ritalin in four days. There is more than one treatment that will work this fast. I won’t guarantee that it will work for your child also. But- if it would, wouldn’t you want it for your child?

  • "Danger at the Drugstore. What you Should Never Buy!"

  • Natural medicine is big business and most drug stores carry a lot of natural treatments for ADHD. I am well aware that people may be telling you that natural medicines are safe and have no side effects. This simply isn’t true. Some treatments do work and some don’t. Some of these treatments do nothing but some are actually dangerous. Before you give your child that natural concoction that is guaranteed to help your child concentrate maybe you should see if anybody has died from it.

Are You Constantly Struggling, And
Feeling Confused And Overwhelmed?

      More than anything else, you will find information. You will discover all that you need to know to understand and help your child.

       You're taking an important step to learning how to deal with the many devastating consequences ADHD. Because, if you're like most people I've consulted, the one thing you are looking for is...


      Confidence as a parent and confidence you are doing the right things for your child.

Does Your ADHD Child Embarrass You?

      Here are some of the concerns parents have related to me over the year.

       Do any of these mothers sound like you?

       "When he was five he went to school and the complaints began. Complaints from the neighbors. Complaints from his teachers. Now I am afraid to been seen in public with him. What will he do next? Will he start screaming at me? Will he fight with other children? Will he throw a tantrum?"

      "I dread the mornings. The screaming. The fighting with his siblings. I try to keep him separate from them, but it doesn't work. I have to keep the windows closed when he is home. I don't want the neighbors to hear and think what a terrible family we are."

      "When we go out together, I can feel the people looking at me. I know what they are thinking, "What kind of mother is she? How can she let her daughter behave like that?" I try to control her, but she's so impulsive. Nothing seems to work with her. But I really am a good mother. I have two other children at home and they behave very well."

      "Everyone is blaming me. 'You're too strict' they say or 'You're to lenient.' 'You don't show her enough love' or 'You don't punish her enough.' 'You don't encourage her enough.' I don't know what to do. I hate my life. I hate getting up in the morning. I am afraid what will happen. What will she do today?"

      What I have been hearing from parents is one of the main problems they face is feelings of embarrassment.

      ADHD children are very difficult to raise. Normal parenting techniques usually do not work with them. But very often your well-meaning friends and relatives do not understand this.

      So they give you their advice….

       "You're doing this wrong" or "You're doing that wrong." "You're too easy on him" or "You're too hard on her."

      Everyone has an opinion why you can’t control your child. And you are embarrassed. You are embarrassed in front of your neighbors and your embarrassed in front of your friend and you are embarrassed in front of your relatives.

If Your Child’s Behavior Embarrasses You,
Then I Guarantee that You
Can Get the Behavior Under Better Control
Once You Find the Treatment that is Right for Your Child.

You do not have to continue to be embarrassed by your child’s behavior. The key to improving your child’s behavior is to treat his ADHD. You will discover the best way to do this in How to Help the Child You Love.

Do You Feel Like You are Failing as a Parent?

       This is one of the most common complaints I hear from many mothers. They see their child getting worse and worse and they don’t know how to help. They feel guilty and they feel helpless. They try to help and just don’t know what to do.

      Then slowly a little voice starts to whisper to them. They try to suppress it and they try to ignore it but the voice is always with them.

      Then on those really bad days when everything is going wrong … you know, when you have been run ragged and you’re worn out and maybe you yell at the kids too much.

       After a horrendous day and they are lying in bed the little voice comes out again and whispers to them.

       "It’s all your fault. You’re a bad mother."

       You should know that it’s not your fault. ADHD is not your fault and it’s not your child’s fault.

       You don’t need to feel guilty. You don’t need to feel helpless.

       You CAN take control of your life again. We've all heard the saying, "Knowledge is power." That certainly is true when trying to cope with an ADHD child. But there's more to it than that.

       I want you to be aware of everything there is to know about the disorder itself...

       ... About caring for your child and yourself, and about providing that care without emotionally destroying yourself and your family!

       If you don't even know the right questions to ask how can you possibly get the right answers?

       That's why I've laid out this program for you.

       You need How to Help the Child You Love.


Here Are Some of Vital Information You Will Learn...

  • The 3 cardinal signs of ADHD.
  • Three common physical conditions that your child may have that could be the key to treating your child’s ADHD.
  • Two treatments that can change your child’s behavior in as little as four days.
  • One easy thing you can do at home that will increase your child’s intelligence and improve performance in school.
  • One treatment that has eliminated all signs and symptoms of ADHD in thousands of children.
  • One herb that can improve attention in teenagers and adults.
  • A vitamin supplement combination that works even better than Ritalin in some children.
  • Why numerous popular treatments for ADHD do not work and why they may be dangerous.
  • Ten types of psychotherapy used for ADHD treatment today- 3 will help your child, 7 just will empty your wallet.
  • 6 ways to identify foods which may be causing most of your child’s problems.
  • 8 sugars that may improve your child’s performance.
  • Why you should never talk to an allergist if you want to treat your child’s food allergies.
  • The one non-drug treatment that everybody agrees works.
  • The nine common side effects of medications which your child should never have.

      All this and much, much more.

You Will Discover Over 35 Different Treatments
You Can Use to Help Your Child.


Click Here and Enroll Today in

How to Help the Child You Love

      Remember, the longer you wait, the greater the harm to your childand the harder it becomes to help. You need this information to make informed decisions.

That's Not All! Here's What
Else You You’ll Learn in the Program...

  • Which treatments will help your child and how you can implement them.
  • Which popular treatments do not work, and which are actually dangerous.
  • How to tell if your child has some other medical problem that is masquerading as ADHD.
  • Ways to eliminate ADHD without medications.
  • How you can help all your children to do better in school and at home.
  • What to do when the medications cause side effects.
  • How you can reduce and eliminate your child’s need for medication.
  • How to build a better bond with your child.
  • Again, there's a lot more...

  • Discover what ADHD really is.
  • Understand how ADHD affects your child.
  • Find out if your child has ADHD.
  • How you can be sure it’s not something else.
  • How your child got ADHD.
  • How to reduce or get rid of the symptoms.
  • How to help your child do better in school.
  • How to improve your child’s behavior at home.
  • What to do to help you child to concentrate better.
  • How to help your child make friends.
  • What other conditions go along with ADHD.

      Not only that, but the program is constantly growing. You will get regular updates about new treatments, parenting issues, school issues, the legal aspects and more. Click here to get your copy of the program today.

Finally, What EXACTLY Do You
Get When Enroll in the Program?

Now you can save yourself or significantly reduce a lot of the frustration, aggravation and feelings of overwhelm people in your shoes often feel. There's no complicated data or technical jargon to decipher. This program is carefully explained, in plain language, and offers you actionable treatments you can put into action immediately. You'll gain specific insights and strategies you can take the moment you enroll.

       It really is that simple.

       But if you want to know the specifics of what you get, let's take a closer look at what the How to Help the Child You Love program consists of...

  • · 247-Page Master Manual ($147 Value)
    How to Help the Child You Love

    This manual is filled to the rim with balanced information on all areas of dealing with ADHD.

    It provides a thorough easy to understand description of what ADHD actually is. How you can tell if your child has it. What you can expect. What you can do about it.

    Every recommendation is backed by scientific research. Plus I include over 200 references in the manual to support everything that I say. So you don’t have to believe me. You can check everything out yourself.

    You will receive the How to Help the Child You Love manual in PDF format, so that you download it immediately and you can use it on any computor.

  • ADD ADHD Online Journal ($65 Value)

    As part of the program you get a subscription to our online journal.

    This online journal is packed with information to help you raise your ADHD child. You will get advice and recommendations from the experts. Through the journal you will have access to the ever-expanding body of information on ADHD. You will learn the truth about the latest treatments, both conventional and alternative. What works, what doesn't.

    We also discuss the things that you need to know every day that will help you raise your ADHD child. You will learn how to teach your child social skills and how to improve behavior.

    We have tips for parenting and tips for teaching. Helpful hints that will make you home more peaceful and your life easier.
  • Special Report #1: How to Create an Emotional Bond with Your Child ($27 Value)

    The most powerful tool that parents have for raising their children is the natural emotional bond that exists between them and their child. No child who feels a strong bond with his parents will risk losing this connection by disobeying.

    In this special report you will learn exactly what to do to enhance this bond. You will be able to build a stronger, deeper connection with your child- a connection that will last a lifetime.

  • Special Report #2: How to Help Your Child Make Friends ($27 Value)

    Our ADHD children have trouble making friends. As our children grow older, their social problems seem to get worse. As these children become teenagers and adults this becomes the #1 problem that they face and is the most common reason for their unhappiness.

    This special report gives you the ability to help your child succeed in making and keeping friends.

  • Special Report #3: How to Read a Scientific Article ($27 Value)

    There is a lot of rhetoric in the health care right now. If you want to help your child, you have to know how to tell what is true from what is hype. This special report will give you the ability to tell if what you are hearing is really a scientific report or just a well polisher commercial.

  • Anger S.M.A.R.T. ($67 Value)

    This is Ron Huxley’s 7-part course on controlling anger.

    Everybody experiences anger at some point, but in a home where there is a defiant children anger and frustration run wild. There is no more destructive emotion than anger.

    In this 7-part course, Ron Huxley gives you the tools to drive anger out of your home.

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How Much is This Bonus Really Worth to You?

      I was guessing $500 but it really is much more. This is why…

      When a problem comes up what do you do? You make an appointment with your doctor. If you are lucky he will squeeze you in sometime next week.

      When your appointment comes you will cancel any plans you may have had for that afternoon, take half and hour to drive to the office, wait there forty minutes, see the doctor for ten minutes, and then drive home. You will have waited two weeks, spent at least 2 and a half hours and killed your day. Then you get the bill, which may be as much as $125.

      And that is if you have a medical question. What if you have a problem with behavior or a school related problem? Can you even ask your doctor these questions? Most people can’t. Doctors have no real training in these issues.

      When you enroll in the How To Help the Child You Love program you will be able to ask your questions whenever you want and as often as you want. If you want to ask a question every week you will receive an answer. If you want to ask a question everyday you will receive an answer. It is completely open to you. You will get all the help that you want and you need.

      Also, you can ask anything. If I don’t have the answer I will either find it for you or put you in touch with someone else who can help you.

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Right Now, You May Be Asking,
"So, What Is This Going to Cost?"

      I'm sure you'll agree that it's difficult if not impossible to put a price tag on the life of your child. Obviously, I can't, you can't and no one else can. But when you add it all up, the complete program has a retail value of $860.00.

      Please understand that $860.00 is nothing when compared to the sense of happiness you'll have when you finally see your child improving…

       ... And that you now have that roadmap, with strategies which will allow you to help your child.

       It's also a small investment when you consider…

You will be Getting the Confidence that you are a Good Parent
and you are doing Everything You can to Help Your Child.

       Most of all, it's a small price to pay when you consider you will get …

"A stronger more loving relationship with your child."

       I understand that $860.00 may be prohibitive for most people. Many people wouldn’t even be able to afford to pay a quarter of that amount.

       While $860.00 is insignificant compared to the life of your child, still I have dedicated my life to ADHD children and their families. So for a limited time, enroll in How to Help the Child You Love and you will receive the entire program of for only $97.47

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My 1 Year, Full Satisfaction, 100% Money-Back Double Guarantee.

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      You will receive instantly instructions on how to download the entire program to your computer.

      Read the materials, and start implementing the many strategies you learn. You will watch your stress level go down as you begin to understand the exact steps to take to cope. Also, you will begin to see improvements in your child as you use your newfound knowledge.

      Try this for an entire year. If at the end of a year, you're not totally satisfied for whatever reason, then I don't want your money. Simply contact me and I will issue a prompt refund. No hassles, no hard feelings.

      You're dealing with enough challenges already, and I'm certain you don't need an extra one. Right? That's why I want you to feel 100% at ease.

      Your satisfaction is also guaranteed by our Payment Processor, so you're DOUBLY Guaranteed!

      That's my Personal Promise to you.

      You have absolutely no risk.

       Anthony Kane, MD

       ADD ADHD Advances

       Your happiness is really important to me. You really have absolutely nothing to lose. Try it out for yourself and then decide. Click Here and Enroll now.

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    Anthony Kane, MD

    ADD ADHD Advances
    P. S.: Here's an important point I want you to remember. This program will show you how to help your child. But it will do a lot more. When you enroll in the program you will begin to understand why your child behaves the way he does. You will learn why your child can’t concentrate, why your child has trouble focusing, why your child is impulsive. You will learn how to understand your child.

    You will be getting a happier more healthy child. But you will also be getting a stronger more loving bond with your child, a bond that will carry your child through a lifetime.

    P.P.S.: And please keep in mind that the special bonus gift is limited — i.e., the $500 unlimited consulting for one year. It's available for the next 50 people ONLY. My time is limited and I can only accommodate the next 50 parents who enroll.

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    How to Help the Child You Love

    Yes, Dr. Kane! I Want to Enroll in Your Program, How to Help the Child You Love Now!

          I'm ready to arm myself with step-by-step information, practical tips and proven strategies on dealing with the many medical and emotional aspects of ADHD — before it's too late.

          I understand you will send me instructions on how to get the full program immediately once my payment is processed, and that my personal information is private, safe and secure.

          I will get the following:

    • How to Help the Child You Love 247-page Master Manual (it's a $147 value) that's filled to the rim with balanced information and step-by-step action tips on all areas of dealing with ADHD. This manual is in PDF format so that you can download it right away.

    • A subscription to ADD ADHD Advances online Journal (a $67 value), which discusses and further expands on the various medical, academic and parenting issues involved in raising and ADHD child.

    • The Special Report #1: How to Create an Emotional Bond with Your Child ($27 Value) a report that will teach me how to enhance and strengthen my bond with my child and build a relationship that will last a life time.

    • The Special Report #2: How to Help Your Child Make Friends ($27 Value) I understand that having difficulty forming strong social relationships will be devastating to the life of my child. This report will give me the tools to help my child to make and maintain healthy friendships.

    • The Special Report #3: How to Read a Scientific Article ($27 Value) This report will help me to understand all the health claims that are being made today and tell the difference between what is really true information and what is unfounded hype.

    • Anger S.M.A.R.T. ($67 Value) I understand that anger is one of the most destructive emotions and can destroy a family. This 7-part email course will help me to keep anger out of my home.
    I understand that if I enroll today I still qualify for the early bird bonus, UNLIMITED consulting for one-year. I can contact you anytime I wish and as often as I wish to get answers to any and all of my questions. I know you have listed this bonus is worth $500, but that it really can be worth much, much more.

           Finally, I understand my investment is fully protected by your ironclad 1 Year money back double guarantee. If within 1 year I'm not completely satisfied for any reason, I contact you and receive a prompt refund — no hassles, no worries, no quibbles.

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