ATTENTION: Parents of Difficult Children:

If You Have Ever Grounded Your Child, Taken Away His Cell Phone, Locked Up His Video Games, Imposed Restrictions...
And His Behavior STILL Didn’t Change, THEN This May be the Most Important Message You Will Ever Read...

"Who Else Wants the Tools to Totally Transform Your Child's Behavior and Get a Respectful Child and a Peaceful Home?"

As parents of difficult children, we face some very tough behavior problems on an almost daily basis.

What is the difference between the parent who successfully meets these challenges and gradually raises her child to become a successful and productive adult and the mother who watches helplessly as her child spins out of control, getting worse and worse?

It is not how much she cares. It is not how hard she tries.

The successful mother has the right information.

The mother who stands by helplessly, watching her child grow into a out of control combative teenager lacks that information.

"I Was in Crisis Mode"

"As a parent of an child with classic ODD I like the fact that you give immediate ideas on how to directly deal with our situation, instead of spending a lot of time talking about theory or behavior analysis. I was in crisis mode and you are the first person I've come across that gave me the answers and support I needed..."

* Jan Carroll, Lexington, KY

The successful mother knows how to choose effective consequences that will get through to her child. She uses consequences to teach her child to control his behavior.

She knows exactly what to say... She knows what to do.... and her child responds, albeit begrudgingly.

Her discipline gets through, even if her child is extra defiant, like children with ADD, ADHD, or ODD.

The mother who lacks this knowledge stands on the side helplessly as her child laughs off her punishments, disrespects her, lies, steal, calls her names, and refuses to do anything she asks.

And do you know what is really sad?

That mother who is struggling...

Who cries herself to sleep at night thinking about the baby she once held in her arms and seeing what has become of him...

And wondering how it will ever stop....

She has everything she needs to correct the problem. Right now. She can get her child back on the path to growing into a healthy successful adult...

If only she knew how.

The only thing is, she just doesn't know how. No one ever told her. No one showed her how.

So she struggles. Day-by-day. The answer to her prayers is right in front of her...

She just doesn't see it.

"A Godsend to Our Family"

"No one can know just how complicated, challenging, exhausting AND rewarding it is having a child with these issues unless you experience it yourself. The information has enabled me to have a bit more grace towards my son, and be much more compassionate.

"Thanks for the resources, you have really been a Godsend to our family."

* Karen Johnson, Austin TX

You need to be able to handle any problem that you face with your child.

To help you do this, I have created a special program just for you.


"Your Complete Guide to Effective Consequences"

Why did I create this program?

Because, quite frankly, I just want to help.

I have worked with 5879 families in the past five years and one of the most difficult issues parents struggle with is how to give effective consequences.

Not just punishments that beat down your child in a lame attempt to get control…

That doesn't work. It usually makes things worse.

All your child learns is how to lie better next time or to try harder not to get caught. Your child becomes angry and resentful. Then he starts to talk back or even call you names.

What I am a talking about are consequences that will change the behavior of your child....

    ---Consequences that will really teach your child not to do whatever it was that he did.

    ---Consequences that will show him how to do better next time.

    ---Consequences that make your child a better behaved, more respectful, more mature child.

"Getting So Much Help from Your Tips"

" I have a "lovely" ODD daughter. At 11 yrs I felt I could go on no longer with this behaviour which has been this way since birth! I am getting so much help from your tips! Much more than our doctor offered...

"So THANK YOU. It has given me hope that slowly we can build a more normal relationship based on communication not anger!!!!"

* Liz Thompson, Melbourne, Australia

Here are some of things you will learn in "Your Complete Guide to Effective Consequences":
  • Why your consequences don't work, and what you can do to fix it

  • How to use time to get a child to listen

  • How to develop a list of consequences that speak directly to your child... even if your child is unbelievably defiant

  • How to use consequences to motivate your child to change his behavior

  • How to handle the toughest behavior problems: verbal abuse, back talk, cursing, disrespect, refusal to get out of bed, verbal abuse, back talk, cursing, breaking curfew, refusal to do homework, lying, stealing, refusal to do chores and so on.

  • How to get your child to behave better with no arguments, less stress and less work on your part

  • How to get back in control and stay in control, without screaming, fighting or stress

"Practical Day-to-Day Advice that is Working"

"We have found this extremely helpful. Thank you for the practical day-to-day advice that really is working."

* Leslie Rhodes, Chevy Chase, MD

"Your Complete to Guide to Effective Consequences" is a 14 week video program that will show you how to you consequences effectively to get your child to change his behavior.

During this program going to get simple, step-by-step instructions on how to use consequences effectively to end the toughest behavior problems, such as:
  • Disrespect
  • Lying
  • Breaking curfew
  • Not doing homework
  • Refusal to get out of bed
  • Not doing chores
  • Stealing
And more.

You will get immediate access to the full 14 week program so that you can go at your own pace. That means you can watch the program online, or download it to your computer or iPod.

Also, as part of this program, you get telephone access to me. Every week we hold office hours. You can call in and get answers to your most difficult questions.

In addition, you get complete email support so if you can't call in, you can email your questions.

So- what kind of price tag should I put on this information?

I really had a hard time with this question. What is the value on information that will restore peace to your home and change your child's life?

I saw one program on consequences and they are charging $79. All you get for that is a single video. There is no support. No one to answer your questions when you have them. No one to help you with your particular situation. You are on your own.

I am giving you 14 videos. Plus you will get all your questions answered. You can call in every week if you wish (many parents do). You can send me an email with your questions if that is easier for you.

You are easily getting 14 times as much.

So according to what is available I should charge you $1106 for this program. That is the value of what you will get.

Well, that's a little steep.

So, right now your can get immediate access to "Your Complete Guide to Effective Consequences" for only


"We Haven't Had to Discipline"

Dr. Kane

"I just wanted to thank you for your insights into improving my child's behavior. I have a soon-to-be nine-year-old boy who was diagnosed with ADHD in kindergarten (he's in third grade this year).

We've had so much success with your ideas that we really haven't had to implement many of the discipline programs. My husband and I have been very pleased with the progress in our son's behavior -- our home is a much more peaceful and happy place. Thank you."

* Shelley Barnett

It’s a great deal for you.

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"My Life is Much Easier Now"

"I would like to thank you for the help you have given both to me and to my son. I have seen a big difference in my son for the better. Thanks to you, my life is much easier now."

* Donna Bianco, Fgura, Malta

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