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Your Child’s ADHD Advantage

There has been a lot of discussion in recent years about whether ADHD is really a problem or whether it is an advantage.

Someone proposed the “hunter theory” that states that ADHD is an evolutionary development which gave hunters an edge during the hunt. Distractibility ensures that nothing would be missed. Impulsivity aids in making instant decisions. This suggests that ADHD developed as a process of natural selection in hunting societies. It was passed on as an evolutionary advantage. It also means under certain circumstances ADHD is going to continue to be an advantage. This is a very romantic and appealing idea, particularly if you or your child has ADHD.

The biggest problem with the “hunter theory” is that all the evidence suggests that ADHD is a disadvantage in any scenario. In almost 4,000 scientific studies dealing with ADHD over the past thirty years, not a single study found that people with ADHD outperform their normal peers in any area. Indeed, it is hard to imagine how poor self-control and lack of focus are going to aid a person while stalking an animal, in the heat of battle, or in any other important complex task.

Yet, if you look at our leaders in business and society today, a surprising percentage of these individuals show ADHD behavior. Almost half of the CEOs in major corporations, many successful entrepreneurs, and most of the US Senate behave like they have ADHD. If ADHD is truly a handicap, it is hard to explain why such a high percentage of great achievers seem to have it.

It is not just the number of highly successful ADHD individuals that is striking. Just look through history and see the list of people who probably had ADHD; people like Leonardo da Vinci, Benjamin Franklin, Beethoven, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill, Walt Disney, and the list goes on and on. These people were not just great members of society, they created society.

So is ADHD an advantage or is it a handicap? The answer seems to be it is both.

A genius is not someone with better ideas. We all have ideas that are pure genius. However, when a normal person gets a brilliant idea, it seems so strange, so different from the way everybody else thinks, that he usually discards the idea and goes down the familiar path. The mark of genius is that the person is not afraid of taking his creative ideas and developing them. Being different doesn’t bother him. This has popularly been called “thinking outside the box”.

A child with ADHD not only thinks “outside the box”, but also lives “outside the box”. He is used to being different. When a great idea or opportunity comes along he will be more likely to grab it, without worrying about what other people think.

Your child’s future success depends upon a number of factors. One is his native talents and abilities. However, that is not enough. There are many talented people who live as impoverished failures. There are many average people who are extremely successful.

Probably the most important factor that will determine your child’s future success is his view of himself. That view is molded by you. If you support your child, build his self-esteem, and teach him to value his talents and uniqueness, then his ADHD can be to his advantage. However, if you allow school difficulties to define him as a failure, then your child will find it very hard to rise above that.

Can ADHD make a person great? Probably not. It is hard to imagine how being easily distracted and impulsive can be helpful in any scenario. However, having ADHD can make a person be comfortable with being different. Being comfortable with being unique could be the key to success.

Most children with ADHD grow up and have difficult and unhappy lives. They are always battling the feelings of inferiority and incompetence. There are those few ADHD individuals who achieve tremendous levels of success. Ultimately, it is how you teach your child to value his uniqueness that will make the difference for your child.


Anthony Kane, MD

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I am including a short list of famous people who are known or suspected of having ADHD or similar disorders. This list is by no means complete. The purpose of this list is to let you know what is possible.

Ansel Adams (1902-1984) - Photographer

Ann Bancroft - (1931-present) - Actress

Alexander Graham Bell - (1862-1939) - Telephone Inventor

Harry Andersen - (1952-present) - Actor

Hans Christian Anderson - (1805-1875) - Author

Beethoven - (1770-1827) - Composer

Harry Belafonte - (1927-present) - Actor, Vocalist

Col. Gregory "Pappy" Boyington - (1912-1988) WWII Flying Ace (Black Sheep Squadron Leader)

Terry Bradshaw - (1948-Present) - Football Quarterback

George Burns - (1896-1996) - Actor

Sir Richard Francis Burton - (1821-1890) Explorer, Linguist, Scholar, Writer

Admiral Richard Byrd - (1888-1957) - Aviator

Thomas Carlyle - (1795-1881) Scottish historian, critic, and sociological writer

Andrew Carnegie - (1835-1919) Industrialist

Jim Carrey - (1962-present) - Comedian

Lewis Carroll - (1832-1898) - Author (Alice in Wonderland)

Prince Charles - (1948-present) - Future King of England

Cher (1946-present)- Actress/Singer

Agatha Christie - (1890-1976) - Author

Winston Churchill - (1874-1965) - Statesman (Failed the sixth grade)

Bill Cosby - (1937-present) - Actor

Harvey Cushing M.D. - (1869-1939) Greatest Neurosurgeon of the 20th Century

Salvador Dali - (1904-1989) -Artist

Leonardo da Vinci - (1452-1519) - Inventor, Artist

John Denver - (1943-1997) - Musician

Walt Disney - (1901-1971)

Kirk Douglas - (1916-present) - Actor

Thomas Edison - (1847-1931) - Inventor (His teachers told him he was too stupid to learn anything)

Albert Einstein - (1879-1955) - Physicist (Einstein was four years old before he could speak, and seven before he could read)

Dwight D. Eisenhower - (1890-1969) - U. S. President, Military General

Michael Faraday - (1791-1867) - British Physicist, Chemist

F. Scott Fitzgerald - (1896-1940) - Author

Malcolm Forbes - (1919-1990) - Forbes Magazine Founder & Publisher

Henry Ford - (1863-1947) - Automobile Innovator

Benjamin Franklin - (1706 - 1790) - Politician, Elder Statesman

Galileo (Galilei) - (1564-1642) - Mathematician, Astronomer

Tracey Gold - (1969-present) - Actress

Whoopi Goldberg - (1955-present) - Actress

Georg Frideric Handel - (1685-1759) - Composer

Mariette Hartley - (1940-present) Actress (Tells of her and daughter's ADD)

William Randolph Hearst - (1863-1951) - Newspaper Magnate

Ernest Hemingway - (1899-1961) - Author

Mariel Hemingway - (1961) - Actress

Milton Hershey - "The Chocolate King" - (1857-1945)

Dustin Hoffman - (1937-present) - Actor

Bruce Jenner - (1949-present) - Athlete

"Magic" Johnson - (1959-present) - Basketball Player

Samuel Johnson - Author

Michael Jordan - (1963-present) - Basketball Player

John F. Kennedy - (1917-1963) - U. S. President

Robert F. Kennedy - (1925-1968) - U.S. Attorney General

Jason Kidd - (1973-present) - Professional Basketball Player

John Lennon - (1940-1980) - Musician

Frederick Carlton (Carl) Lewis - (1961-present) Olympic Gold Metalist, American track-and-field athlete.

Meriwether Lewis (Lewis & Clark) - (1774 -1809) - Explorer

Abraham Lincoln - (1809-1865) - U.S. President (Entered The Black Hawk War as a Captain and came out a Private)

Greg Louganis - (1960-present) - Olympic Gold Medalist (Diving)

James Clerk Maxwell - (1831-1879) - British Physicist

Steve McQueen - (1930-1980) - Actor

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - (1756-1791) - Composer

Napoleon Bonaparte - (1769-1873) - Emperor

Nasser (Gamal Abdel-nasser) - (1918-1970) - Egyptian Leader

Sir Issac Newton -(1642-1727) - Scientist, Mathematician

Ozzy Osbourne - (1948-present) - said he was ADHD on TV

Louis Pasteur - (1822-1895) - Scientist (Rated as mediocre in chemistry when he attended the Royal College)

General George Patton - (1885-1945) - Military

Pablo Picasso - (1882-1973) - Artist

Edgar Allan Poe - (1809-1849) - Author, Poet

Rachmaninov - (1873-1943) - Composer

Eddie Rickenbacker - (1890-1973) - WWI Flying Ace

John D. Rockefeller - (1839-1937) Founder, Standard Oil Company

Nelson Rockefeller - (1908-1979) - U.S. Vice President

August Rodin - (1840-1917) - Artist, Sculptor

Eleanor Roosevelt - (1844-1962) - First Lady

Pete Rose - (1941-present) - Baseball Player

Babe Ruth - (1895-1948) - Baseball Legend

Nolan Ryan - (1947-present) - Baseball Player

Muhammad Anwar al-Sadat - (1918-1981) - Egyptian President Nobel Peace Prize Winner in 1976

George C. Scott - (1927-present) - Actor

George Bernard Shaw - (1856-1950)-Author

Will Smith - Actor, Rapper, Entertainer

Tom Smothers - (1937-present) - Actor, Singer, Entertainer

Socrates - (469-399 B.C.) - Philosopher

Suzanne Somers - (1946-present) - Actress

Steven Spielberg - (1946-present) - Filmmaker

Sylvester Stallone - (1946-present) - Actor

Jackie Stewart - (1939-present) - Grand Prix Hall of Famer

James Stewart - (1908-1997) - Actor

Henry David Thoreau - (1817-1862) - Author

Leo Tolstoy - (1828-1910) - Russian Author (Flunked out of college)

Alberto Tomba - (1966-present) - Italian Alpine Ski Champion

Vincent van Gogh - (1853-1890) - Artist

Russell Varian - (1899-1959) - Inventor

Jules Verne - (1828-1905) - Author

Werner von Braun - (1912-1977) - Rocket Scientist Flunked 9th grade algebra.

Lindsay Wagner - (1949-present) - Actress (Bionic Woman)

Gen. William C. Westmoreland - (1914-present) - Military (Vietnam Era)

Robin Williams - (1952-present) - Comedian

Woodrow Wilson - (1856-1924) - U. S. President

Henry Winkler - (1945-present) - Actor (Fonzie)

Stevie Wonder - (1950-present ) - Musician

F. W. Woolworth - (1852-1919) - Department Store Innovator (While working in a dry goods store at 21, his employers wouldn't let him wait on a customer because he "Didn't have enough sense.")

Frank Lloyd Wright - (1867-1959) - Architect

Orville Wright - (1871-1948) - Airplane Developer

Wilber Wright - (1867-1912) - Airplane Developer

William Wrigley, Jr. - (1933-1999) - Chewing Gum Maker

William Butler Yeats - (1865-1939) Irish Author


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