Is ADD ADHD child behavior an issue for you? Are you looking for information concerning ADD ADHD medication? How about ADHD treatment alternatives? Whether ADD ADHD child behavior is your concern or you are seeking ADD ADHD child treatment ideas, you have come to the right place. At ADD ADHD Advances you will find the help you need, including child behavior help, ADHD medication information, and alternative ADD ADHD treatment plans. We are here to help you with your ADD ADHD child.

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The 8 Essential Skills for Managing Adult ADD

By ADD Coach Jennifer Koretsky Copyright 2005

1. Slow Down
ADDers seem to always be operating on over-drive...mentally, physically, or both. In my opinion, slowing down when you feel speedy, stressed, overwhelmed, etc. is the first and most necessary skill for managing ADD.

2. Practice Excellent Self-Care
ADDers are prone to putting themselves last. Why is this? How will you ever "get it together" if you don't dedicate time and energy to yourself?

3. Know Your Own ADD
ADD affects us all in different ways. You can't effectively manage ADD without being aware of the specific ways in which it affects you, and the specific ways in which your challenges are triggered.

4. Actively Use Your Learning and Processing Modalities
Identifying the natural modalities in which you are able to sustain focus and process information and feelings will make your personal and professional lives much easier.

5. Focus on Your Strengths
Everyone has strengths, skills, talents, and passions. Increasing the time you spend on these good things will increase both your self-esteem and your happiness.

6. Think Positively
Patterns of negative thinking can be reversed. Negative thinking will hold you back. Positive thinking will propel you forward.

7. Plan the Time to Plan...Everything
Planning doesn't always come easily to ADDers. Developing tools and systems for planning will streamline organization and time management, but you have to take it one step further and plan the time to use them.

8. Take Risks
This doesn't refer to speed racing or skydiving! It refers to stepping outside your comfort zone and doing things that may be uncomfortable, like asking for that raise, taking up that new hobby, or pursuing that life-long passion. If you don't take the risk, you won't get the reward.

Coaching Question:
Where are you right now - managing your ADD or experiencing the ADDvantages?

About the Author:
Jennifer Koretsky is a Professional ADD Management Coach who helps adults manage their ADD and move forward in life. She encourages clients to increase self-awareness, focus on strengths and talents, and create realistic action plans. She offers a 90-day intensive skill-building program, workshops, and private coaching. Her work has been featured in numerous media, including The New York Times Magazine and The Times (UK). To subscribe to Jennifer's free email newsletter, The ADD Management Guide, please visit my addmanagement newsletter

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