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Television and ADHD

by Mark Brandenburg MA, CPCC

A large study recently at Children's Hospital and Regional Medical Center in Seattle indicated that for every hour a young child (age two or under) watched TV each day, there was a 10% increase in the chances of this child having an attention disorder by the time they were age seven.

This is happening in a country where, according to the Kaiser Family Institute, around 65% of kids age two or under watch over two hours of TV a day. And this is true even though the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends no TV for children under two.

Many parents don't want to hear this information. Parents everywhere are believing that it's OK for young children to watch TV, and for young children to enter the frenzied world of media without many constraints.

It's not OK.

And if you want to give your child the best chance to thrive in the world, you'd better be willing to be an 'extremist' when it comes to media. Because nowadays, that's what it takes.

Editor's Note:

If you have been looking for information online to help your child, you should know by now that the internet is flooded with a massive amount of useless information. However, there are a few people who actually say something. Mark Brandenburg is one of those people.

I have been reading Mark Brandenburg's articles and comments for two years and whatever he writes is always accurate and full of insight. He is not afraid to take an unpopular stance if that is what the truth demands.

Recently, Mark Brandenburg created two programs that will help you.

One program is on improving your marriage.

In this program you will learn:
  • The fundamental relationship secret which will transform your marriage
  • All the strategies that don’t work!
  • How to spend less time arguing with your wife, and more time loving her
  • Practical, easy to understand information and exercises to improve your marriage now!
  • How to bring back the feelings you first had for your wife
To find out more about this program please go to

Improve Your Marriage

The second program is called “The Secrets of Emotionally Intelligent Fathers”

In this program you will learn:
  • How to feel closer to your kids
  • How to control your anger and use it productively
  • How to share more of your life with your family
  • How to help your kids to become more responsible
  • How to take responsibility for reducing conflict and increasing love

For fathers who’d like to improve their skills and be the best Dad they can be, this course is perfect. And, it’s a great gift idea for wives to give their husbands!

Click this link to find out more about this great course for Dads:

The Secrets of Emotionally Intelligent Fathers

Anthony Kane, MD

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