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Understanding The ADHD Affected Teenager

by Tobias Higgens

Teenagers usually represent a challenge not only for the childin transition, but also for his parents. The ones affected byADHD are much more difficult to handle, because of the increaseddifficulty they have regarding peer-pressure, the risk of failurein certain areas, a bad opinion on themselves.

The things thatare not allowed seem more and more tempting, such as alcohol, sexor drugs, and they are regardless of the consequences. A constantneed to break the familiar rules takes over them, which drives toconfusion from both them and their parents.

The last ones haveat first a feeling of relaxation, generated by the ending ofearly school years ,but new times bring new problems. Evenif, until then, the child constantly got professional help andevaluation, the new period demands accurate re-examination.
Communication gains more importance now, because, at thispoint, rules are more easily understood and followed, or atleast, they should be .The child should get from his parents theexplanation for certain rules he cannot or will not understand.

Charts posted in a familiar place, as the kitchen, containingcertain principles or rules concerning domestic life, school andsocial aspects. It should also contain domestic tasks assessedto the child.

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The violation of rules (which will most certainly takeplace), should be handled by the parent with calm andself-control; punishment becomes necessary, but even in the caseof teen-agers, a break might be useful .ADHD brings oftenimpulsive and rebellious behavior .But they only need a littlespace.

The frequent going-outs are frequent for teen-agers, and, at onepoint, they will be needing a car. The parent should listen tothe demanding child, motivate their choice or establishconditions. Compromise, communication and availability arecrucial for the relationship.

Teenagers and Their "Need" For a Car

About the age of 15,most teenagers start talking about theirneed for a car. It is encountered more often in boys, but thegirls also desire to drive. But statistics are enough togenerate terror.

Six years ago, 18 percent of people that diedin car accidents were teenagers.16 is considered the mostdangerous driving age. And, of course, the more exposed to thistragic events are young people with ADHD (about 4 timesmore).

There are also these young people that mostly excessspeed. Although many states allow driving-license at the age of16,maximum caution is required.

Oppositional Defiant Disorder
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In order to prevent the repetition of such tragedies, somecountries adopted GDL, the graduation of a driving system, to getthe license. This systems follows gradually different degrees ofdifficulty for new drivers and was developed by the NationalHighway Traffic Safety Administration and the AmericanAssociation of Motor Vehicle Administrators.

It is divided intothree points: learner, intermediate and full licensed stages fordrivers. The drivers have to prove themselves responsible intraffic at every level, before achieving the next one; as aprecaution, beginners should constantly be accompanied in thecar by an adult that has a license, giving them also thepossibility to practice and improve their driving.

By constantdriving, the teenager's skills will be improved .In the end, thesatisfaction of the ADHD young driver will be much greater thanthe effort.

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