ADHD Parenting

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  • HiEveryone! Subscribe to our POWERFUL PARENTING CHANNEL for our latest video tutorials on all things parenting, and family and behaviour management; and stayed tuned to today’s video to receive our SPECIAL OFFER – Our way of saying thank you! ABOUT TODAY’S VIDEO The greatest power you have as a human being is to think and to communicate. As a parent, the way you communicate, and the words you choose, influence your relationship with your child and affects their learning about themselves and others. For this reason, communication is the key to effective behaviour management. Your role is to help your child develop into a strong and capable person, to instil feelings of self-respect and self-confidence, and help them achieve personal success. You can go a long way towards achieving this through your communication. You teach your child every day through the words you choose, and in doing so, either set him or her up for failure or success. We place considerable emphasis on what parents say and how they say it. The ideas that follow in this video, ‘[Powerful Communication Techniques]‘ are unique, tested and proven to be highly-effective! Without them, your parenting toolkit is a little less well-equipped. We aim to give you some ideas on how to communicate for success, support your child and inspire him or her to control their behaviour. Please watch! Subscribe to our channel for our latest parenting and behaviour management videos! http Drop by

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  • Dr. Hulsey explains neurological and metabolic based treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorders, ADD, and ADHD.

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  • WKMG-TV: The Quotient System is the first objective test used to diagnose ADHD, a disorder usually associated with children and teens. Dr. Thomas Moseley of the Atlantic Psychiatric Center is the first to use it for his patients in Florida and claims that only 10% of those affected by the disorder are getting effective treatment. For more information on the Quotient System, visit

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  • Family Therapist Lani Peterson talks about the positive discipline technique known as STEP (Systematic Techniques for Effective Parenting) and the real reasons why children misbehave.

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