ADHD Parenting

"Your Shortest Path to a Respectful Child and a Peaceful Home…Period."

  • The OHSU Effect: Inside Health & Science aires each Saturday at 8 am on KXL 101.1 FM in Portland Oregon. Visit for more info.

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  • Everyday Discipline. Meg Floress, PhD, Children’s Behavioral Health & William Warzak, PhD, Munroe-Meyer Institute, UNMC. (402) 955-3900’s Hospital & Medical Center presents Parenting U – Advanced training for the hardest job in your life. A complete library is available with a schedule of upcoming classes at

  • Visit us at Facebook http Nutritional coaching The Metabolic Blueprint Program Once again, they have come out with a new drug for ADHD, without really looking at the root of the issue……they are still treating the symptoms! Learn what you can do to treat yourself!

  • Read More or Download Entire Audio/Video at 30 Day Money Back Guarantee 1. Thank the parents for their shared interest in the student. 2. How to hear the parents complaints. 3. Validate their Feelings. 4. Discuss choices and options for the well being of the student. 5. How to use this approach to retain students and grow your organization. Testimonial – “Interactive presentations made it interesting, engaging, and fun.”-Miriam H Testimonial-”Super Presenter — Great Info & Sense of Humor”-Dr. Colin S DOWNLOAD ENTIRE 50 MINUTE VIDEO INSTANTLY AT

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  • The revolutionary natural and drug free Elbaum Intelligence Integration training method used to improve or completely resolve difficulties in learning, concentration and behaviour and symptoms of ADHD for children AND adults. These are some of the exercises the are incorporated into the method.

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