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  • Introduction: My Child, the Thief

    One of the more common problems that we as parents encounter, but that nobody likes to talk about, is what to do when your child steals. There are a number of different reasons a child steals and a number of different ways to handle the problem.

    Young children do not steal. Children below the age of four or five do not have a concept of ownership. They do not understand that it is wrong to take things that belong to others.

    By the time a child enters elementary school, he should know that stealing is wrong. Often children at this age take things because they lack self-control.

    A preteen or teen may steal for the thrill of it or because that is what friends are doing. He may be trying to gain a feeling of control over his life or to fill an emotional void.

    Whatever the reason a child is stealing, the parents need to approach the problem with wisdom. If the parents just react according to their natural inclination, their response will almost certainly be wrong and destructive.

    Why a Child Steals

      1-Your Child Can’t Control Himself

    Younger children have difficulty with self-control. A child may take something although he knows that stealing is wrong simply because he can’t help himself. You have to give your child the ability to get what he wants in an honest way. Also, you must try to minimize the temptation.

      2-Your Child’s Basic Needs are Not Being Met

    Children are completely dependent on their parents for all of their needs. A child who feels that his needs are not being met will eventually take the matter into his own hands. The easiest way for a child to do this is to take what he needs.

    What a person needs is subjective. Even though a parent may not feel that a child should have something, it might be a real need for the child. For example, if the child’s school friends have pocket money, then your child could have a need for pocket money. He will feel a lack if he doesn’t have it, even if you provide him with everything that he wants. This type of child may be tempted to steal money just so he has money like everybody else.

      3-Your Child Needs More Attention

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    Probably the most common reason that children steal is that they feel an emotional lack in their lives. A child who does not have his emotional needs met, feels empty inside. He may take things in an attempt to fill the void. Often children who steal are lonely or having trouble in school or with friends. They lack the tools or the opportunity to express their feelings.

    Many children do not get the attention they need. Such a child may feel unloved or that the parents are not interested in him.

    This may or may not be true. As I explain in How to Improve Your Child’s Behavior, how your child perceives your attention is more important than the amount of attention that you give. These children may translate their emotional needs into material desires. Stealing is their way for these children to express their discontent and to seek gratification.

      4-Your Child Needs to Have Control Over His Life

    Children are acutely aware of their vulnerability. They lack control over their lives. Some children have difficulty with this. If the child has trouble feeling dependent, he may steal to gain a sense of control or to rebel.

      5-Peer Pressure

    Older children are pulled after what their friends do. If the child is with a group of children that feel stealing is exciting, the child may steal to be part of the group. Sometimes, a child may steal to show bravery to friends. If your child has fallen into a group of bad friends there are some very concrete things you can do to address the problem.

    In part two we will discuss what to do when you suspect your child is stealing.

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        • Advantageous Tips on Parenting During the Teen Years

          Article by Frank Palermoo

          Being a parent is a job that people shouldn’t take lightly, because their influence will last a lifetime. When you look at your brand new baby, I hope you are prepared for the incredible responsibility you are about to begin. It is too bad that common sense is not something that all parents have. Good parenting can basically be defined as good common sense. So much is passed along from parents to children, and the manner in which a child is raised is very often how that child’s parents were raised. If you believe that your parents made mistakes when raising you, you can break the cycle, and do a better job with your own children.

          A type of parenting that has been recognized is the indulgent parent. Somebody who’s lenient or not very strict is one was of describing this type of parenting behavior. These types of parents are not fully involved, in the way of them not being too assertive with their children. A lot of freedom is available to those children who live in this kind of way. This parent will not confront the children perhaps at any time, and we all know the possible consequences of this. Children of highly lenient parents will have a tendency toward disrespectful behavior, perhaps, since there are few if any repercussions at home.

          Much harm is done to children when derogatory remarks are pointed at them, especially by a parent. When you are raising your children, you need to refrain from such damaging comments, because the results can be severe. When children are needing love and acceptance, the first place they look is to their parents. If your goal is to destroy your children, then pour on as many negative remarks as you can. When a parent has too many negative attitudes, even if they are not specifically directed toward the children, the children could have long-term problems. Children expect to be taken care of by parents, so bad behaviors leave them confused, and ultimately cause fear.

          A common parenting style that has been observed is parents not being very attached to their children. The child’s needs are often neglected by this type of parent. On the flip side, these types of parents do not ask of much from their child. This kind of parent isn’t too involved with their child’s daily life. Generally, there is very little conversation between the parent and child. There is usually a lot of disregard for people in this sort of household. Usually these types of parents that aren’t involved with their children are very care free. Sometimes, if not very often, an alcoholic parent will be an uninvolved parent.

          Unfortunately, being a parent does not come with instructions, and we are not born knowing how to do it. There are many places that you can find the knowledge to become a very good parent, you just need the courage to admit that you need help.

          About the Author

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        • How to Find Affordable Struggling Teens Military Schools in Orem

          Article by Kshitiz Mahajan

          A good place to start is by letting your child find something on their own that really sparks their interest. With the internet at our fingertips they can easily locate a wealth of information to find something they are interested in. Encourage them to do the research on their own and find something that they enjoy and have fun doing. In Orem are many activities that can be done at home such as arts & crafts or some backyard science. Many troubled kids show risky behavior in teenage life. Most of the children get affected from depression and stress that cause negative thinking, poor behavior and low self esteem in life. Psychological disorders such as ADD, ADHD, Bipolar disorder, ODD and OCD make the kids irritable and unmotivated. Teen’s drug and alcohol abuse has become one of the major problems nowadays.

          Parents of troubled teens from low income families often have a problem in funding programs or struggling teenagers boarding schools. Camps and schools for troubled youth in Orem are expensive. Funding is hard to come by because funding institutions do not anticipate getting returns on the money used for funding the education of troubled students. Parents have to explore the education options for troubled teens that suit their financial capabilities or choose to enroll them in free programs run by government and social welfare organizations.

          For troubled teens who are struggling with drug abuse, depression or other serious issues, residential treatment centers that offer therapy-based solutions might be the best option. Residential treatment centers in Orem usually have a complete psychiatric staff available to monitor each troubled teen closely and provide therapy in addition to a curriculum of academics, exercise and personal development. Once the teenager takes responsibility of his actions and stops blaming others for everything that goes wrong in his life then he is on the way to unyielding progress. The troubled youth program will make your home free of the constant disagree that plagued happy family relations. Your once rebellious teenager will learn how to completely with your commands by his own free will because he will have learnt the importance of doing the right things for the right reasons.

          Many parents do not seek the help of these programs to deal with their troubled teens because of many misconceptions that exist about the programs. At first, government programs that dealt with delinquency were harsh and punitive and drove the teen deeper into crime. The reform system was abusive and low income parents stopped sending children to government sponsored reform enterprises.

          From military schools to residential treatment centers all of these are but different manifestations of behavioral modification programs that aim to transform the character of the troubled teen into a mature young man. The basic personality traits that these programs aim to instill in the students are that of accountability and the realization of the consequences of their actions. Military schools for troubled kids in Orem do not usually offer or make available, appropriate therapy or other types of psychological interventions for these struggling, troubled teens. The disciplinary nature of these schools without working on any underlying emotional problems could prove harmful to some troubled teenagers who are truly suffering from emotional or behavioral problems.

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        • Advantageous Tips on Parenting During the Teen Years

          Article by Mark Freeman

          For a number of reasons, children are like wonderful gifts for you and your family. When there are young ones in the house, there is not a dull moment. Of course, it’s a big task bringing up your children and doing your best to be a positive parent. It’s every parents responsibility to try and raise their children the right way, so that they’ll become positive adults in the future. There is plenty of information and guidance available to help those who are parents, or those soon to be parents. This article isn’t going to be too long, however it will hopefully be able to give you some useful tips.

          It’s essential that you keep a proper perspective on things when you have young children. You should make sure you discipline your children properly if need be. However, it is so important that you try to concentrate and keep your attention on the positive aspects of your children. Remember, all children do have good things about them. All of us have some issues and things we could be without, and the same goes for children as well. Keeping your mind aware of all the great things about having children will ensure both you and your children are happy.

          Bad parenting comes when they make some kind of derogatory comment that is directed towards the child. Parents can cause long-lasting damage to a child when they make such comments. When raising your children, it is just as easy to teach them love and acceptance, as it is to teach them hatred and anger. If your goal is to destroy your children, then pour on as many negative remarks as you can. Also, highly negative behavior from parents around their children can cause problems even when that behavior is not directed toward the child. Very often the child will not understand, and the effect will be to cause fear within the child.

          Because parents love their children they simply want the best for them. However you need to be a fair and balanced parent. Be careful that you do not set your children up by establishing impossible goals or expectations that are too high in an unhealthy way. There’s a certain balance that you must find as a parent, which will be dictated by the abilities of your child. Don’t expect too much from your child, otherwise you will create unneeded stress for your child. The pressure involved with raising a teenager can be extraordinary, it’s a good thing it is short lived. Remember the good old days and some of the ways your parenting skills allowed great results with your children.

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          This article is brought to you by SizeGenetics and Kindle Review.

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        • Solution to Teen Conduct Disorder

          When you hear the word “conduct disorder” you might be thinking that all teenagers at one point in their lives suffer from conduct disorder. There maybe some truth to that but conduct disorder is a mental disorder that can be diagnosed and is more severe than your typical teenager misbehavior, troubled teen or rebellion. An individual with conduct disorder repeatedly violate the personal or property rights of other people and they fail to meet even the basic expectations of society. In order for a diagnosis to be absolute, the behavior must persist for six months or longer.

          Conduct disorder is also known as disruptive behavior disorder owing to its negative impact on the teenager and his family. This particular disorder appears at about the age of nine to age seventeen and is relatively more common among boys than girls. Symptoms of the disorder include the following: early incidence of substance abuse; precocious sexual activity; truancy or other violations of the law; aggressive behavior resulting to injuries to other people and/or even animals; destructive behavior that damages or destroys property. It is important to keep in mind that these symptoms are worse and more severe than what you would expect from a normal misbehaving teenager. Likewise, there needs to be several of these symptoms to persist for long periods of time.

          The key for parents is early diagnosis of the disorder because it is quite difficult to modify the behavior once the person has been accustomed to it. Therefore, the earlier the conduct disorder is diagnosed and treated, the better the chance for recovery and cure. There are certain guidelines when you detect any signs of conduct disorder in your child. First, pay attention to the signs and search for the underlying causes and try to remedy the situation. Next, it may be wise to ask for assistance from a psychologist or a psychiatrist who specializes in teen disorders. It would also be helpful to keep yourself informed about the disorder by getting accurate information from libraries, hotlines and even the internet. Lastly, try to look for family network organizations particularly those whose members have the same problem as you have.

          Mia is a full time Internet Marketer that manage a site for helping troubled teens and their families. She is always available for any help about teen problems via 1-866-573-6566. Call now!

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