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  • Anger and ADHD – Six Tips For Managing ADHD Anger and Aggression

    Anger and ADHD – Six Tips For Managing ADHD Anger and Aggression

    Article by R.D. Hawkins

    ADHD stands for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Most people familiar with ADHD know the primary symptoms are hyperactivity/restlessness, being easily distracted, and impulsive behavior. That said, lesser discussed and equally troublesome symptoms can include anger outburst and aggressive behavior.

    According to the American Medical Association approximately half of the children with the disorder are hostile and negative in their behavior, and a smaller number engage in aggressive behavior toward people or animals, vandalism, or purposely breaking important rules.

    It would be easy to make the argument that anger could be the biggest stumbling block for both ADHD children and adults since it has the potential to result in disciplinary action in school which in turn could result in academic under achievement; could place a huge obstacle in the way of social acceptance; and when anger driven behavior is combined with impulsivity can result in a wide range of outcomes, none of which are good.

    The bottom line is that when combined with the random nature that generally is seen in those with ADHD a hostile outburst has the very real potential to hurt the sufferer as well as others around him or her.

    Finding answers: Six tips for managing ADHD anger and aggression

    *List known triggers. Knowing what scenarios, situations, and people that rub you the wrong way, or make you lose your control, is one of the best tips anyone can provide. Once the triggers have been identified you can then practice responding to anger and aggression triggers by counting to ten, taking deep breaths, or visualizing yourself neutralizing the situation or comment so it no longer makes you angry.

    *Look past the event. Ask yourself is it really worth it? A good rule of thumb is that when anger or the thought of aggression hits you count to ten and consider the chain of events your angry reaction would trigger as opposed to what would happen if you respond calmly.

    *Physical activity. When anger occurs a person’s blood oxygen level is altered. Additionally “fight or flight” adrenal hormones are released into the bloodstream. Exercise can help to rebalance these physiological imbalances while causing the body to release feel good hormones known as endorphins. This is a powerful one two punch that can settle mood and place you back on more stable emotional footing.

    *Get enough rest. Whether we are talking about childhood ADHD, teen ADHD, or adult ADHD lack of sleep is likely to make symptoms much worse while increasing the chances of anger and aggression.

    *Homeopathics can help. Homeopathic ingredients such as Arsen iod (30C), are an excellent way to promote balance during anger outbursts, plus help suppress annoyance when confronted with emotionally challenging and frustrating circumstances.

    *Talk it out. Instead of reacting or keep your anger pent-up inside where it is likely to worsen get it out of your system by talking it over with a nonjudgmental, supportive friend who is a good listener and can offer sound advice. Children on the other hand may have trouble articulating the cause/causes of their frustration and may need to pursue other avenues by venting their emotions through drawing, or painting, how a situation is making them feel. A parent or teacher may even consider taking this suggestion a step further by asking the child to express the intent of the picture verbally.

    In conclusion, when it comes to anger and ADHD there are no easy answers. This already challenging problem will be made worse if a condition known as oppositional defiant disorder is diagnosed. ODD is classified by recurrent and intentional outbursts combined with chronic aggression. Professional guidance may be needed to help those with ODD better manage their emotions.

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    R.D. Hawkins is an enthusiastic consumer advocate for natural health and natural living with over 10 years experience in the field.To learn more about ADHD along with information about safe and effective herbal and homeopathic ADHD remediesClick Here

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