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  • Medical Marijuana For Children – ADD / ADHD When amphetamines are excepted over a plant for treating children, you have to be concerned. The lack of testing by the USA scientific community is not a reason to keep this beneficial ADD treatment from the American people and the rest of the world. If children using marijuana as medicine bothers you, you are nothing less than uninformed. Marijuana is a safe and EFFECTIVE treatment for 100′s of conditions and that can be proven, Show me one case in the history of man where the toxicity of THC brought harm to someone and I will change my view and adopt yours.

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26 Responses to “Medical Marijuana For Children – ADD / ADHD”

  1. SummerGameProject said on

    I have ADHD, and, I’ve just recently discovered that marijuana works wonders for my adhd. I smoke 0.1-0.2 grams 1x-2x daily (* based on my needs *), and find that my perception of time slows down to normal levels, sight, smell, hearing ALL improve dramatically. I can finally read and not have to re-read, and, socially I’m able to function really well that people can’t even tell I’ve smoked it. I’m really sensitive to the drug so 0.05 will knock me on my ass this is why I smoke only a little.

  2. TheEnviroFriend said on

    marijuana is safer than methylphenidate. methylphenidate makes you sick, and it can make people without ADHD high.

  3. “The lack of testing by the USA scientific community is not a reason to keep this beneficial ADD/ADHD treatment from the American people and the rest of the world.”… it’s not “the lack of testing”… it’s the lack of money that can be made! Anyone can grow marijuana, so there won’t be any profits from it! Incidentally, marijuana also helps people who have FAS (fetal alcohol syndrome).

  4. @dihle12
    If you puff weed (or anything else) 10X a day for years, like people do with tobacco, then yes, it’ll cause damage… but I’ve yet to see ANYONE smoke as much weed per day as a cigarette addict!
    Alcohol kills more brain and liver cells and has a much higher ability to impair one’s activity/judgment than THC does. It’s a fact, talk to any neuroscientist, but it’s suppressed b/c of monetary issues. Look at Holland, weed is legal and everyone’s doing just fine, if not better!

  5. shelbydawn20 said on

    Dr, Claudia Jensen is badass and VERY understanding! i likes:) lol

  6. GhettoBlaster100 said on


  7. GhettoBlaster100 said on

    Aren’t ADD and ADHD the same thing?

  8. GhettoBlaster100 said on

    Rittalin sucks, I was having suicidal thoughts every day. Fuck that shit

  9. crazedstuntman2 said on

    Thumbs up if the lady who kept talking about it with the blonde hair sounds and looks completely stoned.

  10. jackass534 said on

    @zacman200 hahahaha

  11. jackass534 said on

    @GhettoBlaster100 no

  12. @crazedstuntman2 cause she is hahaha

  13. JenkemBOMBS said on


    They both don’t exist if thats what you mean.

    There not even real, there bullshit made up to trick people into thinking there personality traits and behaviors are a “mental illness” so pharma companies and psychologists can make profit by getting kids hooked on amphetamines.

  14. GhettoBlaster100 said on

    @JenkemBOMBS yeah, ok sure

  15. JenkemBOMBS said on


    Sarcastic response, clever, ha ha.

    “Im a teacher, these kids can’t pay attention to anything, they fucking act like kids, not focusing, getting out of there seat, etc.”

    Then they get “diagnosed” with “ADHD” by a jackass who then gives them amphetamines. Every medical professional in Canada and many other countries are all in agreement that its not real. The US pharmaceutical industry and psychologists are just retarded and corrupt.

  16. GhettoBlaster100 said on

    @JenkemBOMBS you obviously have no idea what you’re talking about, I take adderal and it honestly helps me focus

  17. BathroomFaucet said on

    thank god somwone gets it i have adhd and i have takin ridilin and all those “ADHD meds” they dont help focus or anything but when i smoke weed i can focus do my homework and i actually enjoy school

  18. tokincannibus420 said on

    i took it and didnt even know what it was then when i got home my mom was askin me all weird how my day was and if i felt different that day.. WOW it works

  19. tokincannibus420 said on

    my mom gave me a so called headache medicine and i took it and didnt even know what it was then when i got home my mom was askin me all weird how my day was and if i felt different that day.. WOW it works i agree with the ritalin thing
    i have ADHD

  20. JenkemBOMBS said on


    Amphetamines make you focus? Duh REALLY?

    You do realize that they make EVERYONE more focused. The guy who gets high on Desoxyn is more focused to.

  21. GhettoBlaster100 said on

    @JenkemBOMBS yeah they make everyone more focused but some people are just less focused and more distractible like me

  22. JenkemBOMBS said on


    So whats your point?

    Alcohol makes everyone less bored.

    But some people are just less bored and more occupied then me.

  23. RangeOfJav said on

    Dr. Claudia sounds high as fuck in this interview haha

  24. daniilsp7 said on

    to the 5 people who didn’t like this video – listen to the fkin science, and what she says is true more school attentiveness for me

  25. KramLlessur said on

    I have ADHD, and weed DOES NOT help me in paying attention, in fact I become more hyperactive after smoking.

  26. this response is for ghettoblaster100: i’m sorry to say that YOU are very uneducated about adhd. my son (now 15) has this ‘wonderful’ issue. We have been dealing with it’s complications since he started kindergarten. I would love to have an email conversation with you. You see, I have worked in day cares for over 10 years and have taken care of all kinds of children. Say what you will, but unless you (personally) have CLOSELY worked with a child for at least 6 months with this issue, to know what it’s like, please don’t speak out of ignorance!

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