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  • Best Jobs For Teens

    Best Jobs For Teens

    Article by Billy D Ritchie

    If your kids are like mine, and I hope they are, they are always looking for ways to spread their wings and exercise some independence. One of those ways, obviously, is through earning their own money. Most of us remember getting part time jobs as teenagers, and the thrill that came with that first paycheck, but in today’s economy, teenagers often find themselves competing with out of work adults for part time minimum wage jobs.

    Of course there are jobs that are just tailor made for teens, and while they might not all be punch-the-clock positions, they still entail solid work for decent money. A few of the more likely prospects include:

    Babysitting. Don’t let anyone tell you it isn’t work. Keeping up with a couple of little ankle biters while the parents go out for a few hours can be trying at best and ulcer inducing stressful at worst. And you can add a measure of legitimacy to it by getting certified in such applications as CPR. The Red Cross offers training in babysitter care, designed for teens from 11-15.

    Camp Counseling. This is the crazy first cousin to babysitting, but instead of one or two kids, you’ll have ten or twenty to look after. Spending days planning and executing various activities for a group of children can be a challenging and rewarding experience.

    Pet Sitting. If your teen is fond of animals, this could be a great part time job. Hours are variable, but most often fall in the early morning or early evening hours, when people need their pets fed or walked.

    Fast food. Most of us cut our employment teeth in the food service industry, with McDonalds alone providing more teenage part time help than any other enterprise in recent memory. Your kid can make good money here, and it is also a great way to begin teaching them basic tax preparation, since you have to keep track of all your tips!

    Retail. The hours stink, but many retail stores hire responsible teens to work in various departments or in the warehouse area. The average age requirement for retail work is usually 16. Keep in mind that this is one of the more prominent areas where teens compete with adults for positions.

    Yard work. Who doesn’t need their yard cut or their hedges trimmed? Yard work can be a lucrative job for the teenage set. You may have to provide the mower, but in many cases, folks will pay you to push or ride whatever they have.

    Government. While this sounds odd, the government does have certain jobs that are ideally suited for teens, such as lifeguards or working in government recreational facilities or parks.

    Tutoring. If your child excels in a certain area, have them share their knowledge with the less refined. Meeting with other students after school and helping them can pay quite well and may even have opportunities available through the school itself.

    Looking for a job right now might be frustrating for teens, as times have changed. But encourage them to keep looking. There’s something out there for them.

    About the Author

    Billy is the Director of Content for Leadsbyfone, a marketing and lead generation company servicing the mold removal and damage restoration industry. He is based in Atlanta.

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